Friday, December 13, 2013

Graduation and a new game.

Sooooooo..... Been a while. Haven't been around a lot. I graduate college Saturday. Should give me more time for gaming. The new sisters of battle codex launched, but I haven't gotten to pour over it enough to feel comfortable with a little discussion. Still a fun book and I am loving the digital books. Instead, I want to talk about something else. Warmachine! That is right, I want to try to get together a small army together. There is one thing I feel warhammer is missing something I find Warmachine has in spades. In Warhammer, the army's I find myself running use units that perform a job in a vacuum. Nothing really buffs or changes what they do. A squad used to pop tanks uses it's own powers and really doesn't change. It pops tanks only really. Units rarely have do more then kill people. Unit synergizer on an army basis and don't really interact enough for me. Some strong HQ choices and a few random units can do things like this, but I find the game in general lacking. In warmachine, every unit feels like it can do more then just punch someones face off and they interact in more ways because it is a smaller game.  For example, My ork boy squad never really had much beyond crunching people. They don't really do alot more. Death is the only form of action in warhammer in my eyes. I am not saying I don't like warhammer. I love warhammer. I am a lifer. I just want to try something that requires a little more thought and planning. My planning in Warhammer seems to be units going and doing something alone. A troop goes to claim an objective or target a unit,but they often don't do anything else. Warmachine, everything does something special it feels. Units work well within themselves, but they also work towards helping other friendly units or hurting enemy units without having to kill people.There is more interaction then just kill people. This is why I want to get into warmachine. My army will be.....
Retribution of Scyrah!
This army is all about the interaction with everything. The units have a good synergy with each other and they help cover the weakness their other units have and they can do more then just kill people. The Warcaster is a magical denial caster. She can buff her own units to either help them perform their job in a unique way. She can deny board space, she can cause damage to casters in unconventional  ways, she can deny major engagements for a turn, and she can do things her own.  Her jacks are jacks with options. The griffon warjack which is the one with the shield and halberd is a rocket. He is fast and can really lay the hurt on people. He is a light jack so he dies to a stiff breeze, but he is an assassin. The chimera is an arc node first off so he can have spells cast though him by the warcaster, he is a highly mobile jack who can hurt people, but still has the utility to do more then kill people. The Last warjack in this is the heavy warjack Manticore. This guy is an all around threat. He can shoot well, punch people's faces off, and can still interact with more then just those two elements. He has a special attack that sets down a 3 inch template on the ground that if people walk into it, they get hurt. It is board denial. It is armywide interaction that just isn't there in warhammer. The unit I am adding to the battle box is the Mage Hunter Strike Force. They work really well with the warcaster and they are a strong range choice and they can alter play with their special rule that allows them to shoot without needing Line of Sight. You have to change the way people play when you run the risk of a game losing death if you don't think about it. You then add in a solo character eiyrss. With tons of strong infantry killing power and methods to change the way you play with and against infantry, this solo adds a strong element for fighting Jacks. I really feel that this could be a great all comers list and a fun start. Overall, everything costs roughly as much as a stompa for half of a Tournament grade army. The army works well on paper and provides a variety for me to learn the game. Tell me what you think.


  1. The Retribution aren't the easiest faction to kick off with - they have a few odd rules that nobody else does, like the force fields and generator systems - but the battle box is pretty solid and the Strike Force a good pick - although they, like Eiryss, lose utility against Hordes factions.

    1. I am a 3rd edition necron player. I love odd rules like that. I have a few games under my belt, but nothing solid. I just love the units interaction with everything else. I know it will be an uphill fight, but I love uphill fights