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Themed Warhammer Fantasy army? Heresy! *Blam* (2000 points)

A good read so far

Today, I want to talk about my Vampire Counts Fantasy army.  It is a themed army. Everything is grave based. It is based of the Idea of the army from the book Dead Winter. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I know the general idea of what was in the army. Pretty much, the army is made up of zombiefied people who have died from the black plague, a skaven born disease that killed pretty much everybody it could in an attempt to weaken the empire for a rumble from down under. Everything in the army has been modeled to use some aspect of some other army zombified in order to go more with the theme. I can tell you about it all day long, which some people have been hearing about it for years with little to no work done on the army.  Here is the end result.

2000 points!

No black nights, but I need a second group of Crypt Horrors

Lord & Heros!

The Trio
These guys are the trio. Lord choice is the very priest of morrish, Henrich Kemmler. Fluff wise, he will play the role of Fredrick Van Hal. This man was such a potent caster that he has his own spell caster. He has to be the Level 4 caster with lore master. Usually, these guys die like no ones bushiness.  Kemmler helps here in the fact that he is actually ethereal. Anyone who can kill him will murder him, but anyone who could kill him will murder Master Necromancer I care to use as a general. Hero choices are a pretty standard. The fighty character that goes with Kemmler at 2000 points is a Wight king. His gear is simple. Enchanted shield, sword of striking. Hits on a 3+ which is nasty with killing blow, has a 3+ save, is really at T5 with 3 wounds all for 105 points. I don't have a picture of him, but my old school Krell Model will work nicely for him. Now, for my extra caster I decided to do something nifty. The guy in purple is a level 2 necromancer with a dispel scroll or Book of Akhan with death magic. I love death magic. It has all the serious punch the guy needs. Debuffs work wonders or the casting that dreaded Purple Sun and go for the irresistible force. He is only level 2 so blowing him up isn't to bad. I have blasted purple sun through my own zombies (mulching the unit) to net me tons of power dice. The choice between dispel scroll and book are simple. A magic heavy opponent can have a whole magic phase shut down if you dispel scroll at a good time. If the opponent isn't magic heavy, the book casts Fredrick Van Hals signature spell Vanhal's Danse Macrabe as a bound spell. Great Surprise from the death wizard. It moves anyone 8 inches and allows them to reroll to hit until their next phase. This makes even the skeletons nasty.

Core! (and the problem)
The three groups in front.
  Three groups of 30 skeletons with spears, shields, light armor, standard and champion. They don't look like it, but that is how I want to run them. Everyone hates playing against zombies because they don't do anything and just bog everything down. I hate them. Opponents hate them. Bad choice all around. It is bad enough that I don't want to run them. I could run crypt ghouls, but at 10 points a piece and no way to raise past starting value, they really degrade the horde feel of the army. I have goblins that are wysiwyg with spears and shields and light armor, but they just feel out of place as skeletons. I want to use these guys to represent core because they feel better for the role. The build allows for an avalanche feel. Tons of attacks from everyone. The armor adds to toughness of the core section.  Fluff wise, these guys are basic plague zombies. They are numerous, tough, and ferocious. Skeletons work better for that than the other 2 core choices. Zombies are stupid. They just derp across the battle field and bang their foreheads into people until they are dead. Ghouls are great, but they cost such an incredible amount that they can't really be horded. A good horde unit will take up your entire core section quickly. Also, on the subject of raising more, here is more.
Here is an extra 50 guys for summoning fun.


2x 6 Crypt Horrors
 These guys are nasty. 6 guys that all have toughness 5, 3 attacks with poison, 3 wounds, stomp, movement 6 and a 5+ regeneration. That is 18 attacks and a wall of flesh to stay in combat. They will put the hurt on people and all for the low cost of 200 something points. They are good, but with magical support, they are beasts. They will hurt anything with their poison and will survive most hits back. Also, they are fast enough to be important. I could run them as verghiest, but glass cannon<Hammerish anvil.


The start of this section is the dreaded Terrogheist. This guy has the scream from hell. He hunts monsters and war machines. High toughness doesn't matter as it is wounds+2d6 against an opponents leadership with no armor save. Often , this will put things like war machines and monsters on their asses fast. A double 6 often sees any monster dead as 8 wounds minimum is tough to save though as often the only save will be regeneration. Kills heavy cavalry dead. He isn't a slouch in combat either. 4 attacks isn't all that good, but d6 thunder stomps and a flank charge with a few extra things can be good. He flies... Jumping spiders I guess....
Mortis Engine!
This is my favorite model I have ever owned. It is the original Black coach model. I love this chariot, but I really want something more fitting in theme. I am running it as a mortis engine with a black tome. This adds +2 to cast my spells, +1 to any regeneration save I have or gives a 6+ regeneration to anyone within 2d6+the number of turns if it is friendly and does d6 hits with strength equal to the number of turns and has a banshee's scream. What all does that mean? It means that my skeletons will have a 6+ regeneration save after a 5+ armor save, my crypt horrors will have a 4+ regeneration save and my general will actually have a save past being ethereal. This really helps with the army's lack of survivability. They are both chariots so it is ok.


Hopefully, this list will be fun and fluffy.  The list is tough, but not double terrorghiest/graveguard spam tough. It is based almost entirely on the idea of fluff. I am actually quite proud of it. Magically, it is as caster as vampire count lists often get. +6 to cast and knowing every spell in the army is great for the feel of Fredrick Van Hal I will begin painting it soon. The scheme is black and brown for the common zombies while Fredrick will get painted like a Priest of Morr/Amethyst wizard.  Tell me what you guys think.

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