Friday, April 12, 2013


The real reason the rapture didn't happen.
   I want to talk about an idea I had for a Duengons and Dragons character. I usually play a decently powerful cleric. This character is usually Lawful evil and a real bad ass. They often have the ability to break the game or turn deadly encounters into a cake walk. I often don't go all CoDZilla on people, but still stay powerful.  I will admit that at times, I have gone Over Powered when playing with a group I have never played with  before because I would rather be Tough and not need it than need to be tough and unable to be tough.  Today, I want to discuss a character that I want to play that is new, fluffy, and fun from what is considered one of the most useless classes in the handbook.

How do you make a grappler?
You need a character with a decent attack bonus for grapple and doesn't have alot of required stats. Size is needed so you don't get -4 on grapple. A spiked gauntlet is needed to do lethal damage. Eventually, you will want Enlarge person permanent spell cast on you.  Not alot is needed for a good grappler.

The useless bard
Start with a bard. Decent attack bonus, tons of skills (for fun moments with skills), good utility spells and ok feats. The perfect grappler. Anything the bard can't grapple down, he has the ability to spell out.  On top of this, he has use of the Perform (Oratory) skill. Means you don't need in instrument to use your skills which is great when both of your hands are wrestling someone to the ground.  Combine all of this together and what do we get?
The Macho Man Randy Savage!!!
     You have a grappler who has perform speech, doesn't wear lots of armor, doesn't need to be muscular, but is absolutely massive and is larger than life. He can grapple down people quite easily and keep them down.  This kind of character is really fun. Climb atop a tree and elbow drop on to someone. Use intimidate and perform oratory to explain to your enemies how you are go break every bone in their pathetic little bodies. Woop some ass.  Have fun. Enjoy.

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