Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goblins everywhere!!!

Look what I got!
     So after a bit of a break from playing, I have decided to pull my fantasy set out again. Last time I started playing, I picked up the vampire counts. It was a fun army, but it is really static and hardly ever plays differently save when the winds of magic crap on you. So instead, I have decided to pull something out of the closet that I have had for a good while. A long time ago, I traded my Tau army for a much larger and more valuable  Orcs and Goblins army. It comes to about 2500 points of orcs for roughly 1750 points of tau.  I wrote a little something up and I think it will be fun to play with and against.
Chariots and artillery!

    Ok, so that is 1000 points worth of orcs and goblins (minus the orc chariot)


Night goblin warboss: Fencers blades, Glittering scales, potion of stength

This guy is a murderous hurricane. He hits on 3's at int 5 and can wound most things on a 2 for one round. To hit him back, he is WS 10 and has -1 to hit him. He is a dualist type lord. It will be hard for anyone to hit him back for the most part. I may try to switch him out for something else, but for 130 points, he is pretty kick ass.


50 night goblins: Standard, Boss, Musician, 3 fantatics

This one unit is my core. Big block of guys is nice, but the real points in them is the 3 fanatics. Those 3 guys will do 3d6 s5 armor piercing hits to anyone who gets within 8 inches. Really, the core for an all goblin army isn't that good. Sure, I can drop some goblins and take spider riders instead, but they aren't gonna do much better. They won't stand with steadfast and really, they aren't meant to.


6 spear chukka's

3 Wolf chariots

This section is a fun one. The six spear chukka will put a serious hurt on people. Sure, they won't hit alot needing 5's to hit past 24 inches, but with six of them, They should do some work. The wolf chariots are there to hit hard and run. Tons of impact hits and a decent attack, these guys can kill quite a few people. They also bait really well. The only thing I don't know about is do I run these guys. A single unit will see these guys hurt people. 3 separate units can see multiple targets engaged as well as more feints and run away from more fights and try and bait into the fanatics. The downside to fleeing is that with a ld 7 on the general, they might not rally.


2 Doom divers

2 snotling pump wagons

   These guys are some nasty customers. The pump wagons do 2d6 impact hits. They are really nice for 45 points. They move 3d6 random distance. This means they charge 5d6 inches (I believe). Cheap, effective, fast. The doom divers are only 80 points and they are nasty. They fire as a stone thrower so scatter 2-10 inches unless they roll a hit. The doom divers can than correct their shot d6 inches. They than do d6 hits at S6 with no armor saves allowed. Drop Knights like a champ. Anyone that needs an armor save will fear these guys, but because of the massive reach of the divers, you really can't avoid them.


   Ok, so by now, you might understand the theme of the army. Quick and Hits like a sledge hammer. Even the immobile targets have a range of 48 inches+.  the list comes to 8 war machines and 5 chariots. I may try to fit in more speed and guns instead of that horde night goblins. I do have 30 spider riders that will make for a fun little core. What do you guys think?

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