Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas all 25 followers

merry chirstmas everyone. i am posting from my phone so no capitals. i want to thank everyone wh comes and reads. in less than a year, i have hit ten thousand views. i am glad to know people care enough to come see. i will have an article for yall tomorrow when i get back. have a wonderful christmas and have some happy holidays to you all.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Concept in gaming: The Handicap

Now that's a handicap

     I want to talk about something that personally affects me as a gamer.  It is a concept that I have taken to heart in many games I have played over my lifetime as a gamer. It makes everything more fun. This simple concept is why I , even after all the calculations and number crunching I do, I never view myself as a power gamer. This concept is something I have always chosen to uphold and has even caused me to be driven off on a rare occasion keeping certain people when it comes to gaming. I personally find myself wanting to pick one of the weakest armies or characters in any game I play. Sure, I can optimize the faction in any way I please and it wouldn't equal to a decent force from a strong faction. Why would you do this? Well, that is what this entire article is gonna be about.
The Fun!
     Doing this is sometimes a great deal of fun. Monkey stomping the hell out of people is rarely fun for both parties. This way can result in a lot of fun. Every time I play a really strong faction, I find myself unintentionally doing something incredibly mean. A decent roll of the dice sees something happen that I didn't really expect to happen and results is something that isn't very fun. They just hurt no matter how much you want them to not hurt. Games seem more serious when you have them.  Let me give you but a few examples.
Duengons and Dragons and Bards. Oh my!

     Ok, so Duengons and Dragons edition 3.5 had a ton of balance issues at some places. There was a build for a character called CoDzilla. What this was was a Cleric or Druid would specialize in one state usually. They would out perform any class at this one task and still have enough tools to do anything else that was really needed. I made a Cleric would could heal and tank for the part at the same time. I had double the armor class of anyone else in the party. I had a Dungeon Master provide a surefire way to hit anyone he wanted to with his boss character. I walked up to him and he still missed me. The thing was, this character was so boring. If it didn't murder the rest of the party, it had no chance of even hitting me. It was terrible. Than, I played what is considered to be the worst class in the entire game. The Bard. He sings, he dances, he is just bad. That is, he is just bad if you don't play him well.  If you play him well, he can do things that no other person in the party can do and be an absolute blast while doing so. He could talk his way out of fights and was a gem to have. Often played badly, they got a bad rap. Was fun, yet played well and powerfully. 

     For me, I played the 3rd edition Necron codex in order to have more fun. Sure, I could bring Melta, transports, and all sorts of things, but I found it fun to have an infantry force that wasn't Nidzilla. They had their unique elements and were considered garbage by many people during Fifth edition. I loved this. I loved running around with the oldest codex because I loved the fun that was using something considered bad.
Pardon my meme
     I love a good challenge. So much so, that I want a challenge in every game. A lot of the time, I don't get a challenge if I play the strong faction. There is no daring gambit, just a plan that goes the way it should have. Some of my most difficult games I ever played were a result of using an aging codex, primarily Necrons, and taking them against things like Ard boys tournament worth orks (Battle wagon blitz), space wolves (Thunderwolf longfang spam with min troops) , and more. I loved that up hill struggle in a game. As bad as it sounds, it is my number one complaint about the new Necron Codex. The challenege is gone really. I remember it taking me three years to kill a bloody land raider. I did it on accident last game. It is what I meant to do, but I didn't think it would actually work. Changed the feeling of the whole game. It kinda ruined the game for the both of us. With the challenge being gone, the fun was also gone. Things are better the harder you have to work for them.
so whats the point?
      The point is simple. Try making a weak force. Test the skills you have as a gamer by not using the best and see how things go. Give it the old college try. *pauses for the flood of gay jokes to pass*. Try things that seem fun.  I tried playing with a weaker force when i was younger and it was an absolute blast and I have never looked back.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Three posts in a week? MADNESS!!!

Bob and I got a game in today. Here is it. Watch in HD!

Sisters of battle and why I have always wanted them

     I have wanted to collect Sisters of Battlefor a number of years. I had copies of the original Witch Hunters and had plans to get the army, but without a job and being a college student, such things were simply beyond my wallet. By far the most expensive army in the game, Often out pricing Forge World, these poor Sisters of Battle have become one of the rarest armiest in the game. They often are some of the most beautifully done. I started a thread on Warseer and before it devolved into an internet E Pen measuring contest in which the Warseer Inquisition stepped in and broke up the slap fight, I got the general feeling of an army was that It was generally awe inspiring sight to see. At the time, I generally considered it a bottom tier army which really appealed to me since I miss some of the difficulty that I had when it came to the old Necron Codex. I instead found out that they are a high learning curve army with tons of potential in both hobby and gaming. Let me break it down.
My first sisters of battle squad....Proxied
      When I first started playing Warhammer, my fat friend Chad and I decid ed to see what tickled our fancy. We both proxied anything we wanted and played several games. I played Sisters of Battle and I saw the fun they could be. This was the start of a long and unfortunate love of proxying. It lead to my worst habbit I would ever have in war gaming. As much crap as I have gotten for it, I would do it all again for the chance to play the "Sisters" again.
  • An army with a unique faith mechanic as well as a threat range that is almost unique to the army.
  • Metal models are tough but look good. 
  • One of the few armies that has remained truly mechanized.
  • With T3 and a 3+ save, no one in the game can boast a line similiar to what they do. 
  • Tough to master, but powerful once you do. 
  • The oddball choice for people to encounter due to rarity of the army.
  • One of the best HQ choices in the game under the living saint. 
  • The Exorcist
  • Difficult to truly bring a cheesy list
  • Expensive. The running joke is that Elysian Drop Troops army would be cheaper. In fact, some Forge world version of the Sisters of battle ( I am looking at you Excorcist) is cheaper than the GW version
  • People often lump them into Female Marines in power armor
  • Steep learning curve
  • Sometimes, the metal models are difficult to paint
  • Often used with a Mono Build as the White Dwarf codex doesn't give lots of options
  • Tough to play without Mechanized elements.
  • Randomness of Faith can make it difficult.
  • Allies don't give them many options.

The Transport all you Rhinos wanna be like
      I am not a Forge World guy. I have always been a straight from Games Workshop kind of guy. I have always made due with what I have and never really saw something from Forge World that truly caught my interest. Than I saw this beast of a transport. For 50$, you find yourself with a 50 point transport that can fire out six bolters, a special weapon and has an amazingly modeled dozer blade and a heavy flamer. The very thought of this tank in action makes me giddy. I haven't stopped talking about it all week, much to the displeasure of my girlfriend, but damn it, I really want to get three of these bad boys. The tournaments I plan to go to in march won't let me use them as Repressors, but even as Rhinos, these bad boys are just to good to not have.

      The Forge World goody that is cheaper than the regular one, this Exorcist is both great on the table top and lovely as a model. With a d6 heavy 48" gun, this thing is the reach out and touch someone of the Sisters of Battle force. It also is one of the most mind bogglingly hard piece to put together if you buy the Games Workshop one. It is also kind of ugly along with 10$ more expensive. It really was one of the biggest put offs until I found this Forge World beauty. Can't go Wrong here.
     All in all, I think this new venture into Sisters of battle will be a good one for me. It will expand my skill as a player by forcing me to play get better without the crazy rules that other armies have. It will expand my hobby factor by giving me an army that I really want to paint and paint well. My Necrons average five paints a model, but I have no motivation to give them a good paint job. All of this for the low, low price of nearly 700 dollars.....There goes my Warhammer budget for the next couple of years.....