Monday, October 22, 2012

Lesser of all evils Season 2!

Hello everyone. Been a while, but things have been hectic. I needed a while to get everything back on track. I haven't wargamed in any form or fashion for 2 months. Yeah, its been a while. Thats why I have decided to call for a season approach to blogging. From time to time, I will take a break for a month or two in order to refill the brain with ideas for the blog. I wanted to write something, but Trying to think of something brand spanking new in a blogging world filled with Reblogs and OMG chaos!? I hope yall understand. Now, where were we?
 I recently made friends with one of my buddies over at 's friend. His name is Rosco. He is awesome. This man literally had a collection that rivaled store inventory. He has pretty much every model ever made and often has multiples of things that are important and have many sculpts. His collection was really unbelievable until I saw it with my own eyes. It was breath taking. He taught myself,  His friend rachel, and His friend russel how to play warmachine. I only got one game in ,but it showed me alot. At 15 points, I was trying for a mortenbra theme list. Theory hammer is awesome, but practicality of things trumps all. I thought that I was playing attrition based cryx.....Guess what cryx actually is... Glass cannons... Damn. Well it was fun, but I will be changing war casters next time. I will be going with the awkward Skarre. Evidently her "Great Rack" is one of the best attacks in the game. Not her actual rack, but her horns.... Don't ask. She hits like a mack truck and she really is easier to play. Thats what I need is something simple to start. I am still trying to figure out what I want to play and Rosco has been a great help. I am gonna leave it at that for now. I try not to talk about subjects that I don't know about as I have made myself look like an ass all to often even when I know what I am talking about. Imagine how bad it would be if I didn't know. Happy gaming yall.

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  1. lol, was strange to see my banner in my blog roll...

    Sounds like you had a good time though! Rosco's a cool guy, just don't see him much as we don't play the same games (and yes he has an ungodly collection of Warmahordes, and to be honest it qualified as that years ago...).