Thursday, October 4, 2012

a slight confession of the past several years.

There is something I want to confess. For the past several years, I have been trying to get better at warhammer in all its forms. I rarely get to go all out most of the time. I can have fun not going all out as I have had fun for the past couple of years, but my most memorable games were games in which I got to truly go all out.  The most memorable games I have ever had was when I was playing old necrons and I was fighting the big power armies. Battle wagon blitz orks and WaaC space wolves (thunderwolf death star, max fangs, min troops) were some of my favorite games. I got to hold nothing back and overall, it was lots of fun. Granted I complained about the WaaC wolves, but that was because the thunder wolves were on pill bases. The game was great and I even got two games in that evening. Now where does this lead us? simple.
my faction of choice
      That's right everyone. I am gonna try to start playing Warmachine. I won't be bringing optimized lists. I love the underdog challenge and I feel warmahordes is going to be just the way to get it. I am gonna try for a Lich Lord Terminus list that is both soft, yet solid. It won't be the best list, but it will be a challenging one that can win if it is played right. That is what makes games fun for me. The Balls to the Wall style of play in warmachine has    started to appeal to me as of late. Lets see what comes of this. Good night and I will see yall next week.


  1. Yes, yessss.....go to the dark

    Personally I recall lots of past complaining about you're WAAC lists actually (granted I'm the resident fluff bunny...)BUT, that's how warmahordes plays in general, so i figure you'll like that game. As for me, I just like the minis, but not much of anything else in that game.

    So, enjoy!

  2. But that's is just it, my lists have honestly been anything buy WaaC. Granted my play at times has been, but never my lists. Most of them were good at best

  3. Ok, don't have a complex about this, but...

    Honestly you say? lol, digging out my most bitter memory of playing you...I recall the nob biker wound allocation shenanigans with an army that's damned near 100% proxied. Playing like that was VERY 'WAAC' (just 'trying something new' when I'd already seen other face the same thing is not going to work either). As a long time Ork player, I shouldn't need to look at a list to figure out what I'm facing. Given that none of the minis on the table matched the list, I don't know how you figured that would help anyhow... True I only played vs that once (and as you recall I basically blackballed you after it), but I know you used it several times. Likewise, placing objectives where it was impossible for the opponent to ever reach them didn't win you any friends either. More than once I thought Justin was going to come across the table and flat out punch you. Repeatedly. Really.

    When you first came around, it really seemed to me that you didn't grasp that win or lose, BOTH players were supposed to be having fun. It is a game after all. True nobody likes getting crushed & we all have to endure it periodically (and not always gracefully of which I am often quite guilty), but it seemed that that was your sole intent every game. All you wanted to do was win, my (or whomever was playing you) fun wasn't even a remote consideration. Indeed, it became so ingrained in my opinion of your play style, that to this day I'm still very leery of playing any games with you. Try as you might, that will probably never fully go away. First impressions suck like that.

    However in my few experiences with warmahordes, it struck me as a very cut-throat game that caters to that play style. I've had 2 Khador armies (small ones) and in my 2nd attempt to give the game a go, I recall trying to learn vs. some schmuck @ D's. He seemed gleeful when I mentioned I was learning, and when I found myself quickly getting murdered I asked him to ease up repeating that I was just learning. In response to that I got a belligerent 'read page 5 motherfucker!!!' and uh yeah. that was my last game. EVER!

    I did paint up a small Cygnar army in secret when Mk II came out (still have Nemo, ebay didn't want him), but the feel of the game didn't seem all that different to me, so I sold it as well. I heard though thtat they reworded page 5 a bit as my experience was apparently a quite common one which is pretty bad for their business.

    If you do get into it though, I do know a group that plays WMH in JC, in the Miligan area which ought to be much more convenient for you than Kingsport.

  4. I will admit the proxy army was bad, but I honestly had all intent on buying it until I actually started playing with it. After that, not so much. Some of the dick moves were bad too. I have for the most part stopped all of them. No more top of the building crap too. Always bottom floor or first floor at most. I was young and stupid at times. For that I do apologize