Monday, August 13, 2012

My 2 cents on 6th

Hi folks! Today I would like to give my thoughts on the newest edition of Warhammer 40,000.
Warhammer 40,000: Rulebook

 I know Madival has already given his but I would like to through in a few thoughts of my own and take a broader scope in discussing some of the changes. It would be useful to point out at this point that I am very much a casual player in my mindset. So don't expect a deeply critical look at the new edition with such phrases as "meta game" and "min/max" and certainly no number crunching. I leave that to other people. So with out further adieu here are a few of my rambling impressions of 6th.

Positive changes: Alright so let us start out with what I like in the newest edition


Rapid Fire: This change needed to happen, period. Being able to move and still shoot the maximum range or twice at half just makes sense and makes most basic troop choices a bit more effective in battle.
Snap Shots:I have to say that I like this new rule a good bit (maybe because I managed to get a penetrating hit on a Predator with a lucky snap shot.......  nah). Being able to fire your non template heavy weapon with a penalty for moving is yet another change that should have happened years ago. I love not having a completely useless model in my advancing squads now (granted I don't roll many 6s as the video reports will show but still, good change!). I also like the image it conjurers of units doing a bit of spraying and praying while advancing from cover to cover (Guard I am looking at you). 
Hull Points: Another good addition in my not so expert opinion. Nothing is more frustrating than having your prized armored behemoth eating a krak missile or las cannon shot and promptly exploding (this can still happen but at least you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to survival). This also makes a good deal of sense to me. A glancing hit takes a hull point out but you still live to fight another day. Penetrating hits are what they should be, a potentially deadly hit with the lost hull point and the always amusing (for someone) roll on the old damage table. I like the fact that it makes you choose between sinking all of your shots into that one unit or spreading out the love between several units when it comes to anti armor fire. 
Casualty Removal/ Wound Allocation: Did you or your opponent make the mistake of putting that high points/critical model up front and have it promptly die to incoming fire or cut bisected by a blade in combat? Good that means what should happen did happen. Now a good round of shooting or combat kills whoever is the closest to the action, as it should be (take that melta gun in the front rank!)
Secondary Objectives: I like these. Nothing makes you feel better than being rewarded for killing the first unit or bagging your opponents leader, especially if you are on the losing end of the table. I know Madival talks about people putting their Warlords (not fond of that new mechanic but more on that later) in the toughest unit they can ( a la the death star) to deny the opponent this objective but to me this only makes sense. With assault being the bread and butter of 40k, having a decked out melee killing machine is what most people will likely go for (with several notable exceptions ie Guard, Tau etc) and throwing said points heavy models/unit should come with the more dangerous risk of conceding more points if Jimmy the Guardsmen gets a good hit in and downs the billion point Chaos Lord in combat. Close combat is a risky business both in terms of reward and the price of failure. As for people making their Warlord nigh unkillable (Madival I am looking at you) that is a perfectly legitimate and viable strategy too. It is also all the more satisfying to kill said unkillable and be rewarded with points and a profound sense of satisfaction.
Overwatch: Long have I desired a charge reaction for 40k.  Making these snap shots is the perfect balance.
Grenades: Throwing grenades?!?! This is  MADNESS!!!! (Yes I am making a 300 reference and yes I realize how tired that is by now, but I couldn't help it) Actually if this was the only thing that got added to the entire edition I would have been a happy man. Seriously. Not having the ability to chunk a grenade has bothered me for all of the 11 years I have played 40k.

Negative changes: What I am less than fond of in the new edition

Random Charge Length: Okay I can understand this to a certain degree. It makes more sense to me in Fantasy, especially when adding the movement value to the charge range, but explain to me how a charge fails when the models are 3 inches apart? They are close enough to throw spit wads at each other for crying out loud! Expect me to suggest a house rule from me in casual games of charges being allowed within 2 to 3 inches no matter what if the units are in the open.
Mysterious Terrain: I hate this in Fantasy and I hate it in 40k now too. The times I have used this mechanic my opponent and I have forgotten about it (to both our detriments) so don't expect to see me use this willingly.
Flyers In General: Let me start off by saying that I use a flyer, the Storm Raven to be exact. I have also not played a game using the new flyer rules. Let me be clear on why I throw this in to the negative section, I don't like the fact that Flyers are in the core rules at all. Flying transports I can live with more so than dedicated fighters and/or bombers being a part of the core game. It just doesn't feel right to me. If you are wanting to partake in the aerial combat of the 41st millennium then may I suggest the rules and models Forge World produced a few years back in their Aeronautica Imperialis game system (Forge World Flyer Sytem).40k to me has always been about ground combat with infantry and armor slugging it out.

As you can see my positives out number the negatives for my thoughts on the new edition. Overall I would even go so far as to say this is my favorite edition of the game of Warhammer 40,000. It has a much more fun feel to it and the vast majority of the changes make sense to me and feel like positive changes to the game. So as always I will bid you all happy gaming until I next put up a post (which will be in the very near future)!

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