Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make That 2 and a Half Cents

Howdy folks,

So I was rereading my post about 6th and I realized I have a few more things I would like to yammer about. These are some pretty big changes that I omitted, so my b. Without further adieu here is part 2 of my thoughts on 6th.

These don't exactly fall into either the Positive or Negative brackets for me so I will lump them into what I will call the "Meh" category.

Homer does the best Meh

Psychic Disciplines 

A student of divination perhaps?
So lets start with the introduction of the Lores of Magic, I mean Psychic Disciplines to the general rules of 40k. For those of you who remember Games Workshop did at one time have a set of Psychic Disciplines they published in White Dwarf in a section called "Chapter Approved". Chapter Approved had all sorts of awesome stuff in it like updated rules for old characters, new army lists, wargear and so on. And from time to time they would publish all of a years worth of articles in a collection book  (Shown below). My point being is that the concept of a "lores of magic" system for 40k isn't anything new. I think this is a perfectly reasonable addition to the game. In fact it benefits some armies a great deal. Take my beloved Dark Angels for example. In our codex we have a mighty two powers to choose from (three if you are Ezekiel). The addition of the option to take these new powers, and to mix and match from the different disciplines is a god send. For other armies it is very much a meh option. Space Marines, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Grey Knights, and Chaos Space Marines to name a few all have perfectly good to holy crap awesome powers to choose from already to the lure isn't as strong for them. That is not to say that these new powers shouldn't be used by these armies, far from it. A little variety and tactical flexibility never hurt anyone. All of the disciplines have useful powers and limiting armies to specific disciplines helps to keep things a bit more balanced in terms of who can take what. The addition of mastery levels as the mechanism to determine who can use what powers and how often makes sense as well. I won't go into each of the individual disciplines or powers right now as that would be a lengthy and rather army specific topic so for now let us relegate the new powers to the overall Meh category.

P.S. Making you choose to either make a psychic attack or activate a fore weapon helps to balance out the killing machines that Grey Knights and Mephiston can be and adds a bit more of a tactical choice, which is never a bad thing in my book.

Differentiating Types of Close Combat Weapons and Changes to Power Weapons

This is perhaps one of the biggest changes to close combat and wargear upgrades to come around in a long time. As long as I have played power weapons meant kiss that nifty 2+ armor save goodbye and pray that the dice gods love you when making your invulnerable save (if you have one, if not sucks to be you). I have to admit I thought something like this would happen when the Grey Knights got all of those weapon specific bonuses when that book came out so differentiating all of the actual types of weapons a model has wasn't that big of a shock. What was a shock was how far they took the changes. I am sure a lot of people, myself included, are going to be going back into their collections to either drag out some model with a power maul or axe and either adding them into an army or doing some converting to change what that weapon is. I suppose you could consider this the natural extension of "what you see is what you get" but it could throw a bit of a wrench into some people's armies when that cool looking model no longer has a generic power weapon but something that hits at I 1 and adds +1 strength (axes I am looking at you). In fact my biggest complaint is the changes to power axes, making them unwieldy to be exact. A two handed axe I can see, but a one handed axe wielded by someone in power armor doesn't exactly strike me as something that the user would have a hard time swinging around (especially since it will slice through most targets), but I suppose that is a rather academic concern at this point. Also changing power fists to a x2 strength multiplier instead of a universal 10 is a definite game changer. It makes taking those chain fists (or can openers as I like to call them) a bit more of a must take in my book, at least taking a few of them to help with said can opening. Force Weapons got much the same treatment so I will lump them in with these changes and the overall Meh category. I think the main thing to come out of these changes will be a whole lot of model converting and a bit of rethinking on who gets what in regards to weapon upgrades. I will say that it was a good move to keep the rules that specific armies have for their special wargear or amending them to reflect the changes rather than just dumping them into a generic category

Deny the Witch and Psychic Hoods  

She turned me into a spawn! I got better.....
 God I just had to include this image in here. If you don't know where this scene comes from you need to get off your butt and watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail NOW!! I will wait. Did you go watch it? Good. Now as I was hinting at lets talk about this new mechanic of everyone being able to (possibly) resist getting turned into a Chaos Spawn or wished into the corn field of the 41st millennium. If you are trying to tell me that Joe Schmuck Guardsmen can possibly shrug off Fateweaver frying his poor little brain without at least a Sanctioned Psycher around to explode for him I would have laughed at you, in fact I still probably will. In lore terms this is a somewhat murky concept, in game terms it does tend to even out the playing field a bit in terms of having a chance at surviving whatever warp powered horror your opponent is trying to inflict upon you. Also changing the way psychic hoods work is a very mixed bag in my book. It is nice to have a chance of getting your attack through that pesky Librarian lurking around but at the same time that pesky Librarian became a bit less useful in providing protection. Am I advocating some sort of Power Dice/Dispel Dice system a la Fantasy? No. What am I advocating? Not sure truth be told. Other than having mixed feelings about these changes and not having a lot of play with this mechanic I can't really come down on this one way or the other. I like having a slim chance of not getting my units brains flayed but at the same time I don't think it is appropriate for every unit to have this.

P.S. these changes make the Space Wolves some of the best anti psykers in the game to my understanding. Khorne is surely not pleased with this. 


Okay chalk this one up to a nice idea on paper and hoping to sell more models but sure to be abused in real life. My biggest complaint about this new system? Eldar and Dark Eldar are battle borthers?!?! NO FREAKING WAY. It makes so bloody sense for these two armies to be best buddies, none at all. Also Tau and Space Marines? What happened to Purge the Alien and Kill the Xenos? Make them allies of convenience at best. I do like the idea of being able to incorporate models from more of your armies into a single force but I think this just sets itself up for abuse. Will I be using this system? Maybe. Will I fell morally clean taking a Grey Knight detachment with my Deathwing? Probably not.

Warlord Traits

Ugh. Okay out off all the stuff I have mentioned this falls the most firmly into the category of Meh for me. On the one hand it is a nice way of giving a bit of extra pull to your general if he or she rolls on a good skill. On the other hand a lot of the abilities are situational at best. Madival did a good breakdown of these traits so I won't go into them other than to say this, MEH.

Well I guess that about covers the rest of my rambling opinions on the new edition. As always feel free to comment and provide me feedback on what I say. Happy Gaming!!


  1. Morally clean? lol! You play Madival on a regular basis, and you're worried about morals... Ya know 'moral high ground' died with 4th ed (and thank the God Emperor for that)!

  2. Nothing makes me feel better like being that guy on my own blog

  3. lol! Its okay, you ought to see the hell that not only readers, but other contributors give Sandwyrm on the Back 40k blog. You ain't got nothing on him! (personally I enjoy his embittered rants, but that's probably cause I'm known for them too)