Monday, June 4, 2012

No where is safe from the horde!

It is done. I have finished my fantasy army for the tournament I am going to Saturday. 150 zombies later, and I am ready for field WYSIWYG vampire counts. The theme is simple. In the vampire counts book, the original vanhal saved the empire by having an all out slugfest with the skaven assaulting the empire. his army was mostly vampire-less and was tons of zombies and such. Its a great bit of fluff. I am fielding Kemmler to show the magical prowess of vanhal (he has his own spell for god sakes). I am also fielding konrad for both fun and to have a beast on the field. He is the only vampire in the army really. Hopefully konrad wont go stupid to much. I need to see this

Like the Wind!

So my zombies often have a been the fastest thing in my army. They often overrun the full distance or charge 13-15+ inches. Its nasty. The zombies are ridiculous fast because of their randomness. My black coach and ethereal cavalry and dire wolves charge decently well for their speed, but the zombies are always blisteringly fast. I will tell you guys how my entire tournament experience goes. Also, here are my zombies and their carrying case.

an old card case carries all 150 guys in one simple go. Awesome

It is like my orks. I just start the game and dump them onto my enemy.

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  1. Every time I see minis carried like that, the same thought comes to mind: The horror!

    However in this case I suppose that that's actually appropriate...