Thursday, June 7, 2012


Howdy folks,
It has been a bit since I have done a post but I figured I would take the time to do one now that I actually have the time to do one. As the title of the post suggests this will be about the defenders of Sigmar's realm, the soldiers of the Empire. I have been collecting Empire for many years now and with the release of the new book and an impending tournament I figured now would be the perfect time to get them out again. My state of choice is that of Nordland. It is a northern coastal province beset by raids from Norscan marauders and the occasional Dark Elf. I really liked the blue and yellow uniform colors and the back story of the province. Instead of a gun heavy army I liked the idea of a more combined arms approach to army collecting (plus grabbing whatever looked cool) so the main focus of the army is the state troops. Currently the bulk of the army is made up of 40 halberdiers, 30 spearmen, 30 gunners, and 50 swordsmen with some militia and crossbowmen thrown in. But that of course is not what I am taking to the tournament so here is my 2000 point list and a brief discussion of why I picked what I did. As always I welcome thoughts and suggestions.
Empire 2k:

Lord: Level 4 celestial wizard mounted on a Hurricanum with a dispel scroll. 350 points

Heroes: Captain with plate armor, battle standard, and Griffon Standard. 151 points

              Priest with a great weapon and heavy armor                                  72 points

Core: Halberdiers (29) with full command, detachment of 10 gunners                                                                                                     204 points and 90 points

          Swordsmen (24) with full command                                   198 points

           Knights (10) full command                                                  250 points

            Gunners (10)                                                                         90 points

Special: Greatswords (20) full command                                          250 points

              Cannon                                                                                   120 points

               Mortar                                                                                   100 points

Rare: Helblaster Volley Gun                                                                 120 points

                                                                                                              Total 1995 points

Okay so here is the break down. The captain with the banner goes with the halberdiers and bolsters their leadership and with the banner the bonus for ranks is doubled in combat resolution. They are there to take charges and die and the gunner detachment is there for moral support. The swordsmen are joined by the priest and have counter charge duties. The knights will do what they are meant to do (hopefully) and that is flank charge for some carnage. The last gunner unit is a support fire unit for the main line for whatever gets close. The big guns are there for unit killing (mortar and helblaster) and monster killing (cannon) and will be kept in a nice secure position from which they can rain death. The greatswords are there to provide another solid anchor for the main line. I will be happy for them to take a charge or counter charge if they are able. Finally the Hurricanum is me falling for new shiny syndrome. It looks cool and should be fun to play with. This is my first real foray into a more competitive Fantasy scene so any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers and happy gaming!!



  1. Sigmar be praised! I thought I was going to have to offer Madival moral support for his vile horde of abominations. True, Nordlanders pale in comparison to the good folk of Stirland, but they are infinitely better than anything coming from accursed lands of Sylvania...

  2. The corpse army of van Hal saved your precious empire from skaven onslaught and all the thanks we get is rediculed every time we aren't being upon the death of all before us. Wait till we empty the graveyards and come scratching at the pitiful excuse of defenses you call doors.