Friday, June 22, 2012

Blood on the kitchen table part 1

Hey folks just got done playing a brutal 2v2 1750 points Warhammer Fantasy game at a friends house and I would like to share some of the highlights. First of all the participants were myself and my friends John, Nick, and Chad. The teams were myself and Nick with Dark Elves and Dwarfs respectively and John and Chad with Skaven and High Elves respectively. I know these armies aren't exactly the best of friends lore wise but neither Nick or Chad have played more than one Fantasy game each so we decided to have a more experienced player on each team. We played on a 6x4 table and things got very bloody very past, but first lets take a look at the armies.


Dwarf Lord with great weapon, rune of spite, rune of fury, rune of stone, and rune of warding

Rune Smith with master rune of balance and rune of spell breaking

Warriors (20) with great weapons and full command

Warriors (20) with shields and full command

Iron Breakers (19) full command

Slayers (20)

Longbeards (20) full command

Thenderers (10)

Cannon with engineer

Dark Elves 

Dreadlord with heavy armor and shield, chillblade, talisman of preservation, mounted on a cold one

Sorceress level 2 with a dispel scroll 

Warriors (20) full command and an assassin with cry of war and an additional hand weapon

Warriors (20) full command with an assassin with man bane

Corsairs (20) full command, additional hand weapons

Executioners (10) full command

Coldone Knights (10) full command



Queek the Head Taker

Battle standard bearer

Warlock level 2, warp energy condenser, warlock augment

Clanrats (30) full command, shields and spears, warpfire thrower

Clanrats (30) full command, shields and warpfire thrower

Storm Vermin (30) full command, shields, lichebone pennant, ratling run, and Queek's upgrade

Nightrunners (15)

Rat Ogres (2) pack master Skweel, regenerate

Warplightning Cannon 

High Elves 

Archmage level 4, barded elven steed, talisman of endurance, sigil of asuryan

Wizard level 2, barded steed

Commander with sword of might, barded steed, shield, dragon armor, talisman of rebirth

Spearmen (20) full command

Archers (14) champion

Silver Helms (10) full command

Sword Masters (13) full command

Bolt Thrower

 Okay since this was a big battle and took several hours to play I am just going to hit some of the highlights of the match.We didn't use the allies system in the main rule book and the High Elves were using the previous army book not the current one. The battle was just a straight up slug fest with no terrain.

Turn 1

Okay so the team of John and Chad went first and deployed first. The main highlights of turn 1 were John's Warlock casting warp lightning irresistibly against Nick's Slayers and promptly exploding from the miscast result. Not only did he blow up but so did seven Clanrats and a Warpfire Thrower in exchange for only four Slayers. Chad didn't have much luck shooting at my Hydra with his Bolt Throwers. He wounded me four times with scatter shot but I managed to make every regeneration roll (a trend that would continue for the rest of the game, and no my dice weren't loaded, much). No combat and no shooting to speak of and both sides advanced to varying degrees.

Turn 2

A Look down the table at turn 2
So turn two saw some stabby action but not much. John had deployed his Nightrunners on the far right flank in front of his Rat Ogres and moved them up in range of Nick's Warriors with shields. The dwarfs decided they wanted to get stuck in and charged the Nightrunners and promptly broke the ratmen. The dwarfs reformed after combat to line up a flank charge on some Clanrats. Shooting saw my Hydra eat a strength 6 hit and regenerate it back for no damage. Magic was uneventful except for me getting a Bladewind off on Chad's Archers killing several.

Turn 3
The right flank on Turn 3

Turn three saw Nick charge a Clanrat unit in the flank with unimpressive results. John moved his Rat Ogres into position to charge the dwarfs in the flank in return. On the left side of the table I charged Chad's Swordmasters with the Executioners and the Hydra. Thanks to the High Elves striking first my Executioners were butchered leaving only the champion alive. My Hydra decided it really didn't want to take a wound regenerating all four dealt to it and taking its wrath out on the squishy elves in return. Between a breath attack, regular attacks, and thunder stomps the Swordmasters were killed to a man (elf?).
Beginning of Turn 3

Well it is late and I am tired so the last three turns will have to wait for tomorrow. Stay tuned for the blood and carnage of turns 4, 5, and 6!

Happy gaming!!

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