Monday, May 28, 2012

The price increase and why I hate it

This article will be short. There will be no pictures. They will not help the point of this article. I really want to get out why I dislike this new price increase. I really dislike this new price increase. hate is a strong word, but dislike is better. I have spent most of my time as a warhammer player trying to expand the hobby. I have done a good job so far. I got my roommate chad into warhammer. I reinforced a friendship with bob with warhammer. I am a lifer. My one hobby is warhammer really. I love the game play aspect and I love that I feel I can better myself through both gameplay and artisan ship . I started playing warhammer when I was a young boy. I was 12. Its been 10 years since then. I have loved every minute. I have not been the most responsible of people when it comes to money. I honestly can't justify warhammer after this new price increase. I have spent 10 years putting together a fantasy army that I am just now finishing. I have spent the past 4 years actively playing warhammer. I have been trying to get my friends into this  hobby for years. It took years to get Bob to play with us. It took years to get Chad to play. It took longer to get people serious about playing. Our FLGS has shut down play due to inactivity. It was Bob, Chad and myself. This new price increase destroys that. I cant justify getting new people into my hobby when it costs such money to get into the hobby. This is scary how much the cost is increasing. people are having problems justifying such prices now. Imagine what will happen when the most iconic vehicles and groups in warhammer cost more then most video games and even worse, when the land raider and storm raven cost over 80$ a piece with tax. What will you do with that? How do you get new people into the hobby when the price is beyond the liking of even existing players? I don't want to bring people into the hobby because it costs so much now. As for me, I am just gonna relax with my warhammer collection and buy from 3rd parties when I can. It just has to be that way.


  1. well said. The amount I spend already on war games is staggering, but to add in a 4-20% charge each year is just asking for trouble. I'm pretty much done buying 40k. I'll play as I enjoy the game, but I don't care to invest more into a company that feels we owe them. Also my local store now stated GW is the lowest selling line they have (and this was before the price hike ). Dust, Warmachine, infiniti, and Malifaux are the leaders.

  2. Thing is, people don't look at this from the average consumer perspective on this price hike. When the price of things go up, people don't buy the same amount of product. When I had 300$ to reinvent my Necrons, I bought 6 ghost arks. With the price increase, I probably would only havr gotten 5. Same money, less product.