Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The price increase and the average consumer

I really want to look at the price increase and how it is going to effect the average consumer. Once again, no photos. They won't help the subject. This is another short article about the price increase. A lot of people have been saying that they can no longer afford Gamesworkshop prices. I find this a rare case if they already have an army. Most of the things in the hobby are going up very little. Most people who play 40k and fantasy often find themselves with a set budget. This is common for a hobby. While these new price increase is ridiculous, it isn't ground break for those already in the hobby. A lot of people have been saying they couldn't buy the things they got before. That is true to a degree. often, it will just take longer for people to get the materials they want. For example, my friend and roommate Chad has wanted a storm raven since they came out. They never quite fit in his budget, but he set aside a little money every month to get one. It will just take him longer to get it. He will still get it cause its what he wants. when I got the new necron book, I had set aside 300$ to revamp my favorite army necrons. Well, with that money, even in the new price increase, I could buy 5 ghost arks/doomsday arks instead of the 6 I have now. I was still gonna spend my budget on warhammer, I just get less for the money. That is what this price increase is going to do more then anything. It will reduce the amount of what we see on the board rather then drop people out all together. Who knows, it might even make land raiders and storm ravens rare again.

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  1. Usually I sell stuff I'm not really using/don't want anymore & use the funds to buy new stuff. I call it recycling. On rare occasions I make a handsome profit on my painted minis, but a lot of stuff isn't painted, so invariably what comes in, is less than what goes out.