Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dewayne's comics:a trip to somewhere fantastic?

So my friend bob and I went out to a town about 20 minutes from here. It was a place called Dewayne's world in Kingsport. It seems like a good place.  Hobby town recently stopped doing their Saturday play. To make it even worse, my love of fantasy has seen me proxy gaming bob every Friday for about a month. Its been a nasty set of games with things going one way and then the other. My special character master necromancer kemmler has been a god send.
This got called no fun when my opponent has used teclis and book of hoeth
 I want to play someone else. I hate to say it, but I want to try a game versus someone who has played more then I do. This is why I am going to Dewayne's this Wednesday to play.  Its almost gotten to the point where I can't get a game in here. I have to do something. There a quite a few 40k players and a few fantasy. That is a few more fantasy then we have.   My vampire-less vampire counts are looking to hurt someone besides pansy elves. I have a firm grasp on the rule set and I need to solidify them against something tough like ogres, lizardmen, or ...something.  I will bring back news of what happens when  I get back.  here is the list I will bring to the party Wednesday.


Heinrich Kemmler


Essence of Salanir the proud- Necromancer level 2 with Rod of Flamming Death.

Cursed twins- 2 cairn wraiths


Wolves of the wood-5 dire wolves doom wolf

Wolves of the wood-5 dire wolves doom wolf

The fallen 1-30 zombies standard musician

The fallen 2-30 zombies standard musician
Screamers of the proud- skeletons Full command screaming banner


Souls of the damned- 10 hex wraiths hell wraith

Krell's guard-29 grave guard banner of barrows


Cradle of the damned- black coach

That is a lot of pain. My zombies are MVP most the time. The hex wraiths deal with more elite infantry then mine and the black coach is a model that is close to my heart. Kemmler is a beast who has never gotten into combat till today. His magic is evil and he has +5 to dispel which works well when you opponent doesn't IF every other spell. His ability to know every spell isn't amazing because he has so many spells, its amazing because it is less random in the spells I get. I have a danse macrabe, curse of years, and  hellish vigor. Its is a nice thing is a world of random. Almost everything causes terror and as such, will cause fear in fear. So what do you guys think? after a few games, its not the hardest list, but it will get the job done.

The jump to 2500 points is rather simple. two frankenstien'd varghulfs.  two ogres from the ogre bulls set get the undead treatment. Smallest monster ever. Its pretty nasty.


  1. You'd best hope that D's player base doesn't read this before you get there...

  2. Seriously, they aren't all that bad, but if you trash them before you meet them, and they see this, I can't imagine things will go all that well for you...

  3. I changed it. I was just voicing my concerns about going from all the things I hear. I want to meet them and see what they are like. If anything, its a scouting outing to see how things are. Next time I will be taking bob . I want to play and I just am not gettin to play around here.

  4. That was wise I think. They aren't all that bad, but I have heard some incredible tales of cheese over the years! I think you guys will get along GREAT! You might even have fun, so with an open mind and some well prepared army lists, go forth and try to have some fun! :)

  5. It has gone well that past two times. I played a game of 40k that was meh, but that was against thumbsucker and the fantasy game was pretty good.