Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The price increase and the average consumer

I really want to look at the price increase and how it is going to effect the average consumer. Once again, no photos. They won't help the subject. This is another short article about the price increase. A lot of people have been saying that they can no longer afford Gamesworkshop prices. I find this a rare case if they already have an army. Most of the things in the hobby are going up very little. Most people who play 40k and fantasy often find themselves with a set budget. This is common for a hobby. While these new price increase is ridiculous, it isn't ground break for those already in the hobby. A lot of people have been saying they couldn't buy the things they got before. That is true to a degree. often, it will just take longer for people to get the materials they want. For example, my friend and roommate Chad has wanted a storm raven since they came out. They never quite fit in his budget, but he set aside a little money every month to get one. It will just take him longer to get it. He will still get it cause its what he wants. when I got the new necron book, I had set aside 300$ to revamp my favorite army necrons. Well, with that money, even in the new price increase, I could buy 5 ghost arks/doomsday arks instead of the 6 I have now. I was still gonna spend my budget on warhammer, I just get less for the money. That is what this price increase is going to do more then anything. It will reduce the amount of what we see on the board rather then drop people out all together. Who knows, it might even make land raiders and storm ravens rare again.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The price increase and why I hate it

This article will be short. There will be no pictures. They will not help the point of this article. I really want to get out why I dislike this new price increase. I really dislike this new price increase. hate is a strong word, but dislike is better. I have spent most of my time as a warhammer player trying to expand the hobby. I have done a good job so far. I got my roommate chad into warhammer. I reinforced a friendship with bob with warhammer. I am a lifer. My one hobby is warhammer really. I love the game play aspect and I love that I feel I can better myself through both gameplay and artisan ship . I started playing warhammer when I was a young boy. I was 12. Its been 10 years since then. I have loved every minute. I have not been the most responsible of people when it comes to money. I honestly can't justify warhammer after this new price increase. I have spent 10 years putting together a fantasy army that I am just now finishing. I have spent the past 4 years actively playing warhammer. I have been trying to get my friends into this  hobby for years. It took years to get Bob to play with us. It took years to get Chad to play. It took longer to get people serious about playing. Our FLGS has shut down play due to inactivity. It was Bob, Chad and myself. This new price increase destroys that. I cant justify getting new people into my hobby when it costs such money to get into the hobby. This is scary how much the cost is increasing. people are having problems justifying such prices now. Imagine what will happen when the most iconic vehicles and groups in warhammer cost more then most video games and even worse, when the land raider and storm raven cost over 80$ a piece with tax. What will you do with that? How do you get new people into the hobby when the price is beyond the liking of even existing players? I don't want to bring people into the hobby because it costs so much now. As for me, I am just gonna relax with my warhammer collection and buy from 3rd parties when I can. It just has to be that way.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Schadenfreude and the orkish horde

Caution:This post sounds mean, but is not intended as such. It is a simple observation.
   This is a post I have been dreading for a long time. This post is about the mean side in me. It only is getting talked about now because I came to a realization yesterday about my orks. My orks are over a hundred strong. When I dont have my bikers, I field two boom guns wagons, 10 lootas, and a small squad of storm boys as well as 4x20 man boy squads. Playing orks  is fun, but it often gives me a sense of Schadenfreude. The term is a German word that means pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.
The concept in picture form
   Here is how I came to the realization of blob orks are schadenfreude.  I played against a person who over thought everything yesterday. He was no fun to play against in any form or fashion. He seemed to rob the fun from the game by trying to over analyze everything when things were simple as well as try to sound as if events were more important then they were. You know the kind. He had to "Calculate" Points. He combat squaded all his marines in annihilation game. He got mad when his little brother bunched his guys together because he "had them in specific order". That says enough. After seeing me lay out my orkish horde, he wanted to play. I didn't want to, but I did. In the ensuing game, I saw his skill as a player.Also,  I saw every single deficiency he had as a player. The randomness of the orks saw an overwhelming onslaught where none really existed before. Combats with 40-60 attacks in it would see between 24-5 wounds before power klaw attacks. You couldn't predict it so you all you could do was play to the best of your abilities. Unless you tailor, horde orks are a force to be reckoned with. If you are a skilled player with them and know how to play them, then the only counter is the skill of your opponent and the game will show the lack there of if applicable. Good opponents can usually handle horde ork most of the time unless their army is polar opposite (deathwing).

Orkses is never defeated in battle. If we win we win, if we die we die fighting so it don't count. If we runs for it we don't die neither, cos we can come back for annuver go, see!
  To simplify the idea, Orks work when your opponent doesn't. Shooty marines get assaulted and assault marines get shot.  Orks work in a different style considering what your opponent uses. Your opponents lament is your joy. The numbers orks use to do anything means that they have such large numbers that you can't predict them. how do you predict the result of 50-100 attacks? Horde orks are strange this way. Its truly Schadenfreude.

 I leave you all with this. Enjoy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

40k Kill points vs fantasy Victory points- The lesser of two evils

         Today I was hoping to write a little something to compare warhammer 40k kill points  and fantasy's system. I want to express how I feel about both these systems and show which one I think is a worse system. Both systems have their flaws and people often build lists around abusing these two systems. In 40k, people build kill point denial lists where kill points are incredibly hard to claim. Fantasy has tar-pit units that are incredibly large and can just die all day long and rarely break due to steadfast/ general ld/bsb reroll. Skaven are a clear example with their two point slaves.  Before I compare them, I want to break each one down and explain its weaknesses.
The Killpoints!
        We will start with kill points. Its the system I am most familiar with. Kill points in 40k work in a very simple fashion. If it is dead or running for the hills, you get a point. There is no kind of dead or almost dead. It has to be pure dead or running. Its kind of silly. A chimera with all its guns blown off and an immobilized result gets you nothing. A land raider is worth as many points as a commissar.  You can have a grey knight list of 3-5 kill points and mech guard lists with 16+ kill points. This system isn't balanced with the game at the moment. You often see people abuse this system by killing 1-2 vehicles or units and then running around trying to denial kill points. Its a great strategy, but really lame aspect game play wise. I have been guilty of running around after a kill point. It was actually my most used strategy with the old necron book. you kept everything else alive, but run the deciever all over the field sniping out key units or easy kill points and as people at the FLGS will say, this results in  a potentially really stupid game of cat and mouse.  To make this even worse, Marines excell at this game type because they don't get wiped out in melee and they rarely run for any length of time because of And they shall know no fear!. This wouldn't be so bad except that it reinforces the marine armies that are all really strong while hurting xenos codexs. Dark eldar are notorious for their kill points.

victory points!?...(That comes up when you google Victory points)
         Victory points! A system that has astonished bob and myself for the past few months. We have been getting more into fantasy (well bob was already entrenched and I am getting back into it) and we have been baffled by this system. We have had games where it seems like I am losing by quite a bit and win by a landslide and we have had games that nearly ended in tablings and came out to a draw. Victory point system is similiar to kill points. You have to completely wipe out a unit or have them fleeing at the end of the game. If they are dead or running, they give you points equal to the units. There are some extra things to earn you these VPs such as claiming standards or killing generals and more. This system says that 40 sword masters are not worth as much as 40 skaven slaves. It is an all or nothing approach. It makes the idea of chaff units and charge redirecters possible.  It adds an entirely new level to the game that isn't possible without point variations.

The comparison
 Now lets compare the two systems. both kind of suck in their own ways. 39 sword masters of hoeth=0 victory points, but 40 sword masters equal 500+ points. To make it worse, You see a lot more death stars in fantasy because of this system. chosen stars as they are called come with a 3+/4++ and can get a 3++ I believe. They get both and they are a hammer to top it off.  It gets kind of ridiculous. Kill points are almost no better. 10 paladins (2+/4+ Feel no Pain) are worth as much a 5 man dire avengers squad. Now you might be asking yourself why Kill points are better. After all,  that 500+ point paladin squad is worth 1 point same as the 5 man less then 100 pt dire avengers squad.  Its because Kill points are set in a world where they are easier to claim on average then victory points. Victory points are set in a system that has it to where everyone can get stubborn, high leadership, leadership re-rolls, and the average unit being 20-40 people. This results in it being very difficult to wipe out units. 100 slaves is 250 points worth of unit. These guys can be Leadership due to general leadership and Strength in numbers. To make it worse, they also can re-roll with that leadership 10. Make these guys into a bus (5 wide formation) and they are 20 deep and always steadfast. a single lascannon or battle cannon can claim a good chunk of kill points in 40k, almost nothing has that chance in fantasy short of crazy magic like infernal gateway and purple sun. You almost always have to kill 20-30 guys before you can start breaking people to get victory points.  Its why Kill points are a better system then victory points, especially since they are both all or nothing systems. If Victory points could be claimed at half for half the victory points, Victory points would be superior. As an all or nothing system, kill points is better.

         Example time! I played a game against bob where I lost 20 of 30 grave guard, a black coach, 20 of 30 skeletons, 35 of 60 zombies,, 2 5 man dire wolf groups, my black coach, 1 group of 5 hex wraiths and 3 of 5 hex wraiths in the other group. I killed teclis (general), 2 nobles, a 40 man phoenix guard, 25 man sea guard unit and that was it. he had 40 sword master unit left that I couldn't do anything against.  I had 1500 victory points with general and standards.  He has killed most of my force and claims a grand total of.... 430. That's right. A slug fest of a game ended with a 1000 point difference because he couldn't finish off units. He killed chaff which is meant to die and got my black coach all the way. The most fun game of fantasy I have had yet and the result is a massacre when it was a close game.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dewayne's comics:a trip to somewhere fantastic?

So my friend bob and I went out to a town about 20 minutes from here. It was a place called Dewayne's world in Kingsport. It seems like a good place.  Hobby town recently stopped doing their Saturday play. To make it even worse, my love of fantasy has seen me proxy gaming bob every Friday for about a month. Its been a nasty set of games with things going one way and then the other. My special character master necromancer kemmler has been a god send.
This got called no fun when my opponent has used teclis and book of hoeth
 I want to play someone else. I hate to say it, but I want to try a game versus someone who has played more then I do. This is why I am going to Dewayne's this Wednesday to play.  Its almost gotten to the point where I can't get a game in here. I have to do something. There a quite a few 40k players and a few fantasy. That is a few more fantasy then we have.   My vampire-less vampire counts are looking to hurt someone besides pansy elves. I have a firm grasp on the rule set and I need to solidify them against something tough like ogres, lizardmen, or ...something.  I will bring back news of what happens when  I get back.  here is the list I will bring to the party Wednesday.


Heinrich Kemmler


Essence of Salanir the proud- Necromancer level 2 with Rod of Flamming Death.

Cursed twins- 2 cairn wraiths


Wolves of the wood-5 dire wolves doom wolf

Wolves of the wood-5 dire wolves doom wolf

The fallen 1-30 zombies standard musician

The fallen 2-30 zombies standard musician
Screamers of the proud- skeletons Full command screaming banner


Souls of the damned- 10 hex wraiths hell wraith

Krell's guard-29 grave guard banner of barrows


Cradle of the damned- black coach

That is a lot of pain. My zombies are MVP most the time. The hex wraiths deal with more elite infantry then mine and the black coach is a model that is close to my heart. Kemmler is a beast who has never gotten into combat till today. His magic is evil and he has +5 to dispel which works well when you opponent doesn't IF every other spell. His ability to know every spell isn't amazing because he has so many spells, its amazing because it is less random in the spells I get. I have a danse macrabe, curse of years, and  hellish vigor. Its is a nice thing is a world of random. Almost everything causes terror and as such, will cause fear in fear. So what do you guys think? after a few games, its not the hardest list, but it will get the job done.

The jump to 2500 points is rather simple. two frankenstien'd varghulfs.  two ogres from the ogre bulls set get the undead treatment. Smallest monster ever. Its pretty nasty.