Sunday, April 29, 2012

A quick question.

Its finals time so I can't be very active. I want to ask you guys a question. What can I do to get you guys more involved with the blog? I really like comments and feed back. Comments and criticisms are how I get better often. I really want yall to let me know how things look or for instance when I have lost my dang mind.


  1. Off topic but in response to your earlier inquiry, for WHFB, I can field a grand total of 550 points (and even that requires a few proxies) using the old Empire army book (don't have the new one).

    So yeah, not really anything that's realistically field-able.

  2. I know WHFB is a rough game to start. Bob and I have been doing proxy to hell games. He has a front line of something and that is about it on most of his units. If anything,I just want to try and play a game. I really want to just play. I have a huge ole force, but I can play smaller games if yall are ok with it.I just miss fantasy.