Saturday, April 14, 2012

Less robots in my undead armies, more undead in my undead armies

          So I have a confession. I played war hammer fantasy. I have been for the better part of my life. I got my orginal vampires as a birthday/christmas/every holiday I could think of present when I turned thirteen.  If you think the stuff I have now looks terrible, you haven't seen the stuff I did when I was 13-15. I ended up with models from sarus infantry and the triceratops model, to silver helms. Instead of buying 5 blood knights, I bought an entire bretonia battle box. I even have ogre kingdoms when the 6th edition vampires book had mercs in in. This gave me the idea for my themed army. I am running frankenstein. here is the list


Heinrich Kemmler ( I have the original model)


Krell lord of undeath(I have the original model)


35 skeletons spears, full command, sceaming banner ( I have 35 skeletons with varied weapons. Few spears)

30 zombies standard (The old bret men at arms)

30 zombies standard(The old bret men at arms)

5 dire wolves(Mutant Dire wolves)

5 dire wolves(Mutant Dire wolves)

5 dire wolves(Mutant Dire wolves)


10 black knights, barding, lances, full command, banner of barrows ( the silver helms/bret knights split at the waste and greenstuff'glued into their horses)

30 grave guard FC razor standard (Sarus infantry as mutant lizard men. States are even close)


black coach/varghulf (the black coach is a model from one of my oldest friends. The varghulf is an old ogre kingdoms model I was using as a merc that has the standard which was a giant horned  goat head, the bear trap for his maw plate, and double cleavers.I love this old model)

After almost 10 years, I want to finish my fantasy army. I have the book and the will. Lets do this.


  1. I demand pictures of any of these models that you have put together. Pictures, pictures and more pictures.

  2. I gotta go home to get the old frankenstien model. I have only really done stuff to the knights, but I can get some of them up here.