Friday, April 6, 2012

Grey Knights v. Tau

Okay so today Madival and I went down to our local Hobby Town for some Friday afternoon gaming and brought 1500 points worth of Grey Knights (me) and Tau. What followed was a hilarious example of good dice rolls and bad Tau leadership values. We rolled spearhead for deployment and kill points for game type. Since we didn't video the battle (more on why later) I will just give a brief run down of some of the highlights. Perhaps the best part of the entire match was the sheer amount of firepower my Stormraven managed to shrug off. It got unloaded on by two Hammerheads with railguns, two broadsides, plasma rifle and missile pods from Crisis teams and managed to cover save 7 vehicle destroyed results not to mention a handful of other nasty results on the old damage table. In what was perhaps my best dice rolling to date I managed to confound a huge amount of Tau shooting. Another great moment was when my ten man terminator blob got tank shocked by two hammerheads and promptly failed its leadership test and get chased into the middle of the board before having a chance to rally. This squad also soaked up an inordinate amount of firepower. Over all it was a really close game but in the end I managed to rout a Fire Warrior squad off the board and had Madival a much needed defeat!

Just a few thoughts about the Tau overall before I close this out. They need to be updated, bad. They are an awesome army with great models and background but low leadership can be fatal to them. Hopefully they will get some tlc in the near future.

Here is my list from the Game

Grand Master: rad grenades, master crafted force sword

Grey Knights Terminators: (5) psycannon, 2 halberds, 1 hammer 
Grey Knights Terminators: (5) psycannon, 2 halberds, 1 hammer, brotherhood banner

Grey Knights Terminators: (10) psycannon, incinerator, 4 halberds, 1 hammer


Stormraven: twin linked plasma cannons, twin linked multi melta, teleport homer


Nemesis Dreadknight: heavy incinerator, great hammer

And here are some pics

Lastly I want to say that over the next couple days we will be uploading several video battle reports including some Apocalypse goodness so make sure you all check it out!

Happy Gaming!!

P.S Madival here. My list was

Shas'el with plasma rifle, missle pod,multi-tracker

6 Stealth suits-Target arrays

3 fire knife crisis suits

3 fire knife crisis suits


6 fire warriors-devil fish , disruption pods

6 fire warriors- devil fish, disruption pods


2 broadsides-Target array, HW drone control, 2 shield drones

Hammerhead -rail gun , disruption pods

Hammerhead -rail gun , disruption pods

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  1. My first lose since November. I gotta figure a way to keep those suits on the board longer. thats what set that first game over was 2 crisis suits and the shas'el jumped off the board after one guy cheesed it.