Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Disaster of a fun game

I love you new book
      OK, so I played my first game of Warhammer Fantasy battle in years last Friday. It was a glorious disaster. We ended up not know a bunch of rules we ended up using, random things made the game whirl around for no reason. Mysterious terrain could have wrecked one side or the other. Random charge ranges saw me making charging long distances (first charge was 19 inches and barely made it). Magic was ridiculous. he would get 10-12 power dice, I would get like 5-6 and vise versa. His witch elves would stomp me down to a managable number only to have 16-20+ guys come back the next turn. The game was so random and was absolutely amazing at how fun it was. I faced something like this at 1500 pts

Cold one lord with ring of darkness, sword of ____ (toughness test or die)
Sorceress with 2 dispel scrolls.
40 warriors with Light armor, shields, hand weapons FC
20 repeater crossbowmen Banner
9 cold one knights. FC
25 witch elves  FC

zombies tarpited and killed all the witch elves over 4 turns. 40 warriors got munched by the black coach after it got regenerated and became ethereal, the cold one knights ate my black knights even after a charge and I killed his sorceress with my black coach after murdering the 40 man squad. Victory vampires. 

     So after our first game, we decided a rematch was an order. This time instead of dark elves, I play high elves in our proxy battle royal. 

I get to face him -.-
All I really know is that its me versus Teclis. I have been doing a little looking into with him and its gonna be a blood bath of a game. The entire match boils down to if I am able to kill this man right there. His magical presence is so nasty and he is so many points, that if I can kill him, I pretty much win. If I can, my magic will just run rampant. The down side I hear about teclis is that he just isn't fun to play against. It turns into a game of warmahordes in killing the enemy caster pretty much nets you a win. My oppenents list (from what I am told) looks something like this

BSB noble (sword masters)
Noble with a ring that makes all attacks magical (25 seaguard)
25 Seaguard FC
20 Seaguard FC
40 Sword masters

My list is something like this

Kemmler(Grave Guard)
Level 2 necronmancer with rod of flaming death (Skeletons)
Banshee (zombies)
Banshee (zombies)
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
30 zombies standard
30 zombies standard
30 skeletons FC screaming banner
30 grave guard, FC banner of barrows
5 hexwraiths
5 hexwraiths
black coach

A breakdown of why I plan to run this stuff in my all comers list.
Kemmler- this guyis a beast simply because he is ethereal. Keep him away from magic weapon characters.

Necromancer, level 2, flaming rod of death- The unit stopper. If rod happens, that unit is stuck or dies horribly. Anti horde along with a curse of years.

2xBanshee- There was talk in the vampire less VC thread about making units better. I don't feel I need that. the zombies just need some way to drag people to death. banshees will help. granted they are now 190 pts instead of 95 combined, but Also, its nice to terror break people. If the zombies can break someone without a fight is a won fight. for the cost of 1 decently geared vampire, I can get a good unit buffer for both zombies. They just need ways to kill people, not win combat.

5 dire wolves-chaff drop

5 dire wolves- more chaff drop

30 zombies standard- chaff round two/tar pits/knight killers TERROR!

30 zombies standard- chaff round two/tar pits\knight killers TERROR!

30 skeletons , FC, Screaming banner- bunker/combat unit. Is meant to deal with anything but heavy cavalry. Then again


30 grave guard, champion, banner of barrows-Mauling unit. Gets kemmler's buffs. on average, 3+ to hit, 2's to wound with 30 attacks with -3 to armor. need at least a 3+ to get a save other then parry. Killing blow can also wreck characters. now that the zombies have the power to deal with hard hitting cavalry, these guys work with dealing with strong hordes. they can take heavy cavalry, but they don't have to.

5 Hex wraiths- Chaff drop 3/terror bomb and fly through scything people, can kill armor heavy people and just get behind people for rear charges or flank charges . If you have a flank charge set up, simply move through them and set them next to the unit to flank charge a unit once thought safe. This forces them to reform and get that unit run through as well. It really can mess with an enemy. Also...Terror bomb!(I will just paint my black knights blue/green) TERROR!

5 Hex wraiths- Chaff drop 3/terror bomb TERROR!


Black coach- I love this model. Took 40 man Dark elf warriors yesterday for 5 turns. Can't get rid of him after that one. Is great when within 12 of the general, but it gets tougher when it goes ethereal. A good round of magic can see this thing regen 2-3 because of lore of vampires. TERROR!

Ok, so my list turned into a terror list. over half the list causes terror on the charge. Notice a lack of krell. I needed someone who could hurt horde better and rod of flaming death does just that. It either stops them from moving if it goes of or wrecks them completely. Also, if they fail their panic test, they burst into flame. Kentucky fried elves still can make good undead.
Huh.... didn't think this would actually exist...
  A fight that starts with my opponents running is a win in my books. I want to try and put in another level 2 necromancer with a feedback scroll and just waste some poor caster someday, but I wont tailor to fight teclis. I am just gonna have to punch him in the face as soon as I possibly can. I have 4 vanguard units, 2 of which are ethereal cavalry that can run through other units to reach teclis if he is alone. Also, I can suicide into him and just aim everything at him. He must die, End of story

On a personal note, it is finals time here at East Tennessee State University so I may not be posting much else for this week and next week. I have to get finals done. Enjoy this post and happy gaming. 

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