Sunday, March 18, 2012

Victory for the Tri-cities.

                  I am a gamer in the Tri-cities area.  We are a small area to game in. We have had roughly the same five or six guys in the local area for roughly the past two to three years. Its been chad, corey, screech, rob, and myself. We have played tons of games together. Its actually getting hard for me to find a game. Necrons are getting  difficult to find games. Bob has joined those numbers recently. I have been playing Chad and Bob a lot, but I haven't gotten to play the other guys. I am going to try and take a break from playing the usual guys. Necrons are tedious and often annoy people with their butt ton of rules. So instead, I plan to go to a Warhammer tournament that happens in the local Morristown every other weekend. Lets just say that this decision is something like this
Just for my overlords who win me games
(From 3++)

                 The first weekend I went , I tied for first with the tournament organizer. It won me 30$. I even gave you ,my loyal followers, my game by game breakdown of the whole thing. Today, I Tied for first with my friend and roommate chad. He is actually going to become a contributor on my blog. It netted me another 20$ in prize money. So I decided to buy something I normally wouldn't.I want a big vehicle. Something scary. Something apocalyptic. I ordered my first apocalypse formation, The Doomsday monolith formation. This means I get to paint,  model,  hold, and cuddle my beloved formation.  I plan to play in an apoc game the Saturday of Easter. The necrons have performed well against all opponents. I have played full mech opponents and it works relatively well as it demechs rather quickly . I fought a hordish ork player and it died because everything has guns .  It takes things like long fang squads and counter shoots them off the board. Two rounds of shooting allows me to kill the elements that would kill my vehicles and makes deep striking in and trying to kill my infantry really tough. Its just nasty.  More to come at a later date. I am developing the terrain manipulation list, yet I also love my simply av 13 wall. The av 13 wall is less tedious then terrain manipulation and is also a nicer list in general. Compared with everything else I have run, the av 13 wall is as soft as it gets.(so sayeth chad(that fat guy) and bob(thebob)). As I am typing this out, That fat guy even says for me to say that the list is really tame and that I run the list very well. Necrons are really awesome.
           Also, my Ghost arks have been receiving some hate. I have kept off the two broadsides in order to paint them.  So far its only really been the people in the immediate shop that have any problem with it. The people at the tournament have never had any problem. Chad and Bob have never had a problem. It really is just a few people and they have been kind of vocal and it annoys me.

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  1. Well at least we're even in the annoyance department...