Monday, March 5, 2012

Conclusion to the gaming weekend

I wanted to take a relatively softer list then what I usually run. At the same time, I just want to take what I had. This is my list. I ran it the local tournament. general consensus amongst a good chunk of the people I talked to seemed to think it wasn't to hard a list. This tournament was a lot of fun and I will definitely be going back. Also, I am at the point of feeling that my while necrons are ridiculous when the dice are hot, I feel my skill is a deciding factor. The tournament is single elimination. I lose, I go home. 5 people get bies in the first round. after that its quarter finals, semi finals, then finals.


Overlord-phase shifter, semp weave, war scythe, mind shackle scarabs
command barge-guass cannon

Overlord-phase shifter, semp weave, war scythe, mind shackle scarabs
command barge-guass cannon

Royal court one
harbinger of destruction-solar pulse
harbinger of destruction -gaze of flame

Royal court two
harbinger of destruction-solar pulse
harbinger of destruction-gaze of flame


8 warriors-ghost ark

8 warriors-ghost ark


Doomsday arks

Doomsday arks

First game

Dark mechdar
I have never played dark eldar save once and I am woried about all 9 of his vehicles. as I didnt bring a decent amount of AT.

2x9 wyches ,homunculous, raider
2x3 blasterborn in 2 cannon venom
2x5 warriors blaster in 2 cannon venom
3x ravagers.

My doomsday arks do business, dawn of war and 3 objectives all me to keep my d-arks safe and at one point explodes and immobilizes two vehicles in one shot. None of my troops die, but he contests all objectives. at thesame time, none of his troops live. Game continues to turn 7 I will kill all his guys and get 2 objectives. Tie breaker is kill points. I have 9 to his 3 because he killed an overlord and command barge in one round. Honorable mention- doomsday ark reaches across the entire table and  does 3 wounds on a 3 man warrior squad. after one hell of a cover save, he loses one and they run from the table.

Game 2

sisters of battle

2xmeltagun sister squads
2xhand flamed jump pack squads
Jacob and battle conclave(2 crusaders,3 death cult) in immolator
3x Exorcists

4 objectives and pitch battle. If it could go wrong for my opponent it did. Immolator dies first shot. Battle conclave locked in combat with my lord for 4 player turns. Everyone dies save a crusader. To make it worse, he gets his few troops out and they promptly get doomsday arked. It was nasty. His vehicles wreck me when they started shooting, but luckily, Celestine and crew run off leaving both my objectives free and him with none. He is really frustrated because its the guy I played a 2v1 match with da masta cheef .So both his games this weekend were against me. Also, 2 rounds of night in a five turn game really shut down his alpha strike. all I can say is that if I hadn't had those two solar pulses, I could have been tabled as it stopped 6d6 of those long range exorcists roughly., also his Celestine and jumpers deepstrike with no real target because he couldn't open the cans with my troops in them.  Honorable mentions- command barge lord and doomsday ark. Turn 1, doomsday explodes the immolator killing a crusader and a death cult assasin. Then the overlord gets shot down only to assault the pesky battle conclave. game ends and the combat is still going.

Game three

foot crons
somehow I have never played another necron player. I don't know how, but I have never played a game against them. Should be interesting.

Command barge lord
Pharon lord with Gauss immortals and veil
10 Gauss immortals (proxied warriors which is allowed even at a WYSIWYG)
10 tesla immortals
6 warriors in ghost ark
5 warriors
2 destruction teks in each warrior units.
5 scarabs
2 annihilation barges

Spear head kill points.

I should have wrecked him, but TO said I can't use my solar pulse to cancel his solar pulse. He also has the devils luck. Wrecks my barge with 2 s8 hits rolling boxcars to pen. He gausses a transport to death and even my nightfight toll to murder the ds squad was double ones . To make it worse, he doesn't know the rules to well and I have to show him lots of stuff during the game. He plays slow and where I usually got 7 turn games in in an hour, we get to 5 and it stops in an hour and a half. Kill everything but annihilation barges and an immortal squad. My phase shifter alone causes me to win the game by the lord just not dieing. Honorable mention-command barge lord. Because I had bought 2+ and 3++ gear, my lords walked with impunity through his lords and units and never lose a combat with either.

Final round, we just split it. It's the tournament organizer and myself. The semi finals is blood angel vs blood angel and necron versus necron . We did the fluffy thing and worked together ...... I get 30$ in store credit  Overall, it was a good day. Was a better day after the tournament because immediately after the tournament, I realize that I was so into the games that I forgot to eat.... it was 7:30pm.
Units of the tournament

 My doomsday arks just murder everyone and it was even the topic of conversation amongst the other players. No one has really seen them in action and they wreck a lot of units as almost entire squads as they are blasted from the board every single game. My double solar pulse allows them to fire for 3 turns as I went first every game. The internet says these things suck, but range allowed me to reach all the way across the board and just rail whatever needs to die.

Only down side to the entire tournament was I found my dice tend to like high leaderships tests and low initiative tests.  Combat never goes well, but I can keep my warriors away from combat.  Lords on the other hand just fight and win or fight and die.  One thing I want to point out. I make a total of 5 reanimation protocol rolls and 1 ever living roll the whole tournament. 2 during the first game with 2 warriors coming back, 3 warriors in the second game, and my gaze of flame cryptek my third game.

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