Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3:00 AM idea!

So I was thinking about trying to get a gaming comparison of Necrons in warhammer to something roughly the same and it suddenly hit me. Its an idea from magic. Necrons are the blue decks of magic. If an army can do it, they can stop it. If you can rock the melee, I can mind shackle scarab or throw a 2+/3++ s7 power weapon overlord at ya. If you shoot well, I can solar pulse you for a few turns. If you do it, I can outlast it and lay some pretty good smack down in the weak places. There is all sorts of nasty. If list tailored, you can have a counter to any type of thing. its nasty, but amazing. No other army really stops things in such a way like necrons. Sure, certain armies can make things tough, but necrons stop things completely. That is my 3:00 AM Idea. Is it correct?

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