Monday, March 12, 2012

1000 views and the future! Huzza

We hit a thousand views! New milestone for us. We are in the quadruple digits.  Besides that, its been a slow, but lovely spring break. So I will  discuss the future with you all. We will start with my tournament aspirations. Every other Sunday (and this coming Sunday),  and I find myself wanting to play. Problem I have is that its either I go to that tournament or I go to game night at hobby town. I cant just devote entire weekends to war hammer twice a month. I have decided to split the two. I have obligations in life to meet so I wont get to to both. If I can get another 30$ prize, I plan to get this.
Doooooooooomsday ! monolith formation
OK, so its not that one, but I will be buying my third monolith in the hopes of someday running this dreaded apocalypse formation. being and apoc barrage, 72 inch range, its just nasty. also, if the rumors for sixth edition are true, being heavy vehicles and having a structure point will make them even worse.another blurb about the future us, friday we may have another video battle report. Its gonna be two new players and we are gonna help them just play by the rules correctly. Should be an interesting play.

on a side note, I have stopped trying to care about how soft or hard necrons are. I catch flack in my local gaming area for what I run, but I asked 3++ what they thought in the chat box thing they had. I got called a silly goose at one point in jest. They honestly didn't understand how the list worked at all.  I don't run a hard list, I think I just run it well.

Also , a report that I am not sure if it got posted. Enjoy

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