Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things are getting better unless its necrons.

So things are getting better. Everything is OK and I even got to get some war hammer in this weekend.  Ended up running a Mighty Mighty Footcron list Friday. Gotta take it easy with necrons. They frustrated my opponent to no end. The only way to describe the game is like this. I had a squad of 20 warriors stand in the open with a res orb. They didnt move after turn 1. My royal court lord was in the front. At the end of the game, they glanced a vindicator who was shooting them into oblivion and then the lord was at the back because they were placed in front after they were gunned down. 14 guys leap frogged the lord. Now take that, and apply it to my 10 lychguard with chronometron, shield and power weapon and res orb overlord. They exploded anything they touched.  Even the wraiths , which I have never used or care to use again, did amazingly well.  When dice for necrons are hot, you get this
And imagine what the player opposite of necrons feel
It was really that bad last game.

All joking aside, this is not the army to take it easy on someone. I have had games where I made 13 of 13 reanimation protocol rolls on one Lychguard unit (585 points alone) . This is an army where one person beats squads. In fact, that is how I run my overlord now is as a one man wrecking crew with a Glasgow smile and a good old fashion red, white, and blue American paint job.
See, its true

at the same time, this dex is so random, that you can't take it easy on people short of forgetting stuff. I had one mind shackle scarab, res orb, war scythe lord kill 4 terminators before they stuck when his rolls were hot. Mind Shackle Scarabs caused 3 power fist hits/wounds and killed 3 guys only to have the necron lord kill the last guy. If you aren't on your game,  one model will beat you. My first game with my Terrain necrons saw 3 models, (orikan, ctan, overlord) cause 90% of my kills not caused by Writhing world scape. (unless you count  those for the ctan. in that case, it was 99% of the kills overall for my army).  

TLDR- necron lists are hard to mess up because few models in the army have to perform, while the rest can simply die in a hole.  

two last things. Since my necrons have annoyed my usual opponents a little, we have decided to do a game called Proxy Friday Mayham! (we misspelled mayhem because we like ham more). I am going to be running a Footdar list while my opponent is running something that I have no idea of. Game will be 1500 points and we will have a video battle report of all our shenanigans ready by Saturday. . The other thing is that I just got off the phone with Pat Higs over at 11th company pod cast. They did an interview with me about my Terrain necrons. I will either be on episode 108 or 109. Either way, Yay! that is all. Good night and good gaming

Remember. Pray to the dice gods, for only then can you claim they have forsaken you.

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