Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So things haven't been going well

So that past weekend, Monday, and Tuesday have , without a doubt, been the most rough and horrible days of my life. Turns out the tournament I was going to go to was next weekend. I traveled six hours for nothing. That  was the best part of the last 5 days. anyway, enough of my life. here is a quick blurb for everyone

I have a few video battle reports under my belt . Most of these are with a 1750 list that utilizes writhing worlds scape. I have caught flack for running a gimmick list some, but I disagree. I wish ago share with you guys my methodology behind this list.
Watch out for land sharks


The idea I use for my WW list requires decisive action. From turn one, my opponent must commit to an action or else risk not completing. Now, notice that damaging people with WW is no where on that list. That's because you must play with the idea that writhing world scape is not in play. You don't look at it as I am buying a WW ctan , but that you are buying WW for a ctan you were already Gonna buy. You are not taking origin the divine for time snares, but instead because he is an amazing strategic asset and a chance counter assault monster that forces people to think twice about actions. The more you make people pause, the more you let the mess up. Some people say this is bad, but it's how I see some aspects a of this list. People say you spend xxx points on the combo, but if that's only seeing part of the picture.

List building

Nothing in the list should require WW to work. I take doomsday arks because they spread people out to maximize small template hits and slow people down. They perform their job just fine without WW. Ctan is a great counter assault unit with gaze of death since it can snipe out important people such as that pesky power fist or sang priest. My overlord is decked with upgrades(phase shifter,Semp weave, war scythe, mss) because he is so difficult to take down, that he grabs units and holds them there often killing them. You get the general idea. Pretty much, synergy comes after use. ( strange for me to say such a thing)

Playing said list

When you play this list, you must think a lot. What avenues will allow you to take advantage of a plan your opponents set and how you are going to deal with certain elements. Example, one of my opponents was DoA blood rodeo. I knew he had the melta to demech me, so I used my strong counter assault elements ,( super orikan, overlord, and ctan) to eat his troops. Anyone dieing to WW was really just a bonus in the eyes of the clown king ( my Orikan). A plan was set, it was aggressive and thought out and executed well enough.


For me, the writhing worldscape lists are quite fluffy. Ctan are extremely hard to control. Having Orikan , the foremost cryptek of time, allows you to mitigate the danger. Also, the list I run has nearly no military type units. I run warriors( the artisans). ghost arks (the collection ships) , crypteks (who mostly mold earth), orikan and ctan. The only military things are the overlord and his doomsday barges. I feel they are his clay pigeon target practice guns anyway or simply a demolish weapon


Writhing worlds scape can be a very powerful list in the right hands. Sure, you can get lucky lol dawn of war victories, but sometimes you get pitched battle against a parking lot and that's when WW list must shine. It must be thought out. It must be tactful. It must be tailored to your play style and as a net list, is an oddity that they work for some, but only if you build it.


  1. Ouch! A 12 hour round trip to nowhere...

  2. At least I got to visit some family. I really need to get a game in some time