Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick blurb. We made 11th company!

Tonight, we are the featured blog in pats corner on the 11th company podcast. Here is the link http://www.tangtwo.com/11thcompany/podcasts/episodeonehundredeightfinal.mp3 . Our time is pats corner from minute :41-1:20

My list


Overlord: warscythe, mind shackle scarabs, semp weave, phase shifter
On Command barge

Orikan the diviner

3 harbingers of transmogrification:


Ctan shard: writhing world scape, Gaze of death


  7 warriors: ghost ark

  7 warriors: ghost ark

  7 warriors: ghost ark

heavy support

doomsday ark

doomsday ark

This is what we talked about.

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