Friday, February 10, 2012

Mighty Mighty Footcrons

Today I ran my Mighty Mighty footcrons. With chad backing out (No surprise), I decided to play Bob instead. He is a good friend and has helped with my terrain list. He is playing Dark Angel's Death Wing.

The Link- 1750 Video Battle report
My list
Overlord phase shifter, pharon, semp weave, mind shackle scarabs, warscythe res orb(marks)

vargard obyron

cryptek despair viel (marks)
3 lords res orb, mind shackle scarabs, war scythe (lychguard, warriors,warrriors)


9 lychguard with shields

10 deathmarks


20 warriors

20 warriors

His list
Belial with hammer and shield
Deathwing with hammers
Deathwing with cyclone and 2 chain fist
Deathwing with assault cannon and 2 chainfists
Deathwing with 3 hammers and 2 claws
Tac 1 with plasma gun and cannon and sargent with melta bombs
Tac 2 with plasma cannon and flamer and powerfist and bombs
devs with 2 heavy bolters and 2 missiles
 Men of the match
Lets just say they made 13 of 13 Reanimation Protical save
Killed a deathwing squad, a troop squad,did nt die and cleaned off deathwing home objective.
 Man of the match
Killed 5 tactical marines and devistator squad
Took no wounds in return 

Also, the above is a spoiler.... Sorry. Enjoy!

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