Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok one more thing. I have a love/hate opinion of sculpted banners. One the one hand it saves me the hours of screaming and cursing as I clumsily attempt to free hand a design (the language would make a sailor blush) yet on the other they pose their own set of frustrations. I am slowly getting this Brotherhood Banner finished so I can add him to the rest of my Paladins and stop looking at him every time I go to paint. The one thing I am pleased with is how the skulls at the very top of the banner pole have turned out. A layer of Bestial Brown over a chaos black under coat with Bleached Bone dry brushed over the brown. A simple way to give bone a weathered look. The main frustration of the banner (at least for me) is the lava between the cracked rock at the bottom and getting the red of the daeomon to stand out from the red of the banner. Anyways Happy Gaming!

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  1. I love the flowing look of banners more than anything else. Textured is nice and those are most often the ones that come pre-made and have that flowing look to them so I've developed a fondness for them.

    The trick is leaving the banner unattached to the model, paint it separately and then attach it to the model in the end so you can get to all the areas without as much trouble if it were already attached to the model.

    Ron, FTW