Sunday, January 29, 2012

My lazy sunday

This is just a quick blurb about my lazy Sunday. I find myself loving the concept of blogging. I can voice my opinion about stuff. This is what I have done today besides hang with lisa and amber all day. This picture is going to be what the final scheme is for the ark. Granted its a work in progress, but its close to be done. Tell me what you think. I am sticking to the idea that red things go fast. Unfortunately, ghost arks are far from fast, so blue things must go slow. Teal sides with a red ram and some red on the detailing. Overall, I have 4 more to do before their big tournament showing on February 25th at the Games Workshop tournament Battle of Stone River.
My overall design

Also, looking at the rule for Gaze of Death, I asked Warseer if it would hit Independent characters  separately since in assault, they function as a separate unit. What we think we found out was that it doesn't hit people on a unit basis. It hits on a model basis. Pretty much ,this means that Special weapons/fists/ICs can be sniped out of the unit if they get wounded. Example, a powerfist sarge, 2 melta guns and 7 regular guys, you would roll to wound the sarge, 2 meltea guns, then 7 regular guys separately. This actually justifies the 50 point price tag this power has. It make the gaze of death, writhing worldscape Ctan alot more powerful. 

Thats it for now. I have a game scheduled for Friday and hobbytown's game night is Saturday so I will have at least one more battle report ready to go Sunday. See you guys then(or earlier if I get bored)


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