Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gaming friday!

Hello everyone. My roommate and I are playing a game friday. This is the first time since the new codex that I am using a full WYSIWYG.
This usually wouldn't be so important, but I haven't always had the best reputation with What you see is what you get. I have even been the subject of blog posts about it. I once ran nob bikers. They were expensive, both pointwise and moneywise, and I only ran them three times. I couldn't run them after that cause they were just stupid. I am trying to repair ,what I feel, is a damaged reputation. I had a phase where I was a bit difficult to play. I would put objectives where you couldn't reach them, play for draws, and generally just mess with people. I really don't want to do anything like this anymore. I want to become someone fun to play with , yet challenging for anyone who wants to play.

On a side note, I have ghost arks 

See! they exist

I also just got my Dooooooom!(sday) arks. 
its not painted....

Also, my force contains a command barge for the lord from my very first post. It actually was quite fun to completely paint it. Here is a picture.
This barge. Its commandy.... kinda of

This force is a milestone for me because its the first completely assembled and painted force. I started necrons 3 years ago when I bought a solid gold set of necrons from eBay. Now I have a whole plethora of things to paint and put together. Its a lot of fun now a days to get everything ready. Its an aspect of the hobby that I have never really gotten into. I was a little kid when I got into warhammer and I really want to expand as a gamer. I no longer care only for the game aspect of warhammer. I want more and thats what motivates me as a gamer. See you guys next time.

And I forgot the whole reason for posting in the blog tonight. I am running my list from last post friday. I am playing with necrons and I will bring about an end to my roommate chad's Blood angels. Full battle report friday!


  1. Congrats on the blog. I'm glad to hear (from Cheef) that you are taking up painting. I would offer a suggestion to your gold Necron army. Google dipping. I think a light dip in some black wash would bring out the recesses and details more. Just my thoughts though.

  2. Thanks bullet. Sorry I couldn't make it to the tournament sunday. It was my Girlfriend and I's six month. Any chance there will be a 1750 point+ tournament any time soon?

  3. 1,500 as far as I know for the foreseeable future.

  4. I got a list for it, but it isnt nearly as effective.

  5. But it will be fun. When's the next one. (sorry brain farted that last part)