Sunday, January 29, 2012

My lazy sunday

This is just a quick blurb about my lazy Sunday. I find myself loving the concept of blogging. I can voice my opinion about stuff. This is what I have done today besides hang with lisa and amber all day. This picture is going to be what the final scheme is for the ark. Granted its a work in progress, but its close to be done. Tell me what you think. I am sticking to the idea that red things go fast. Unfortunately, ghost arks are far from fast, so blue things must go slow. Teal sides with a red ram and some red on the detailing. Overall, I have 4 more to do before their big tournament showing on February 25th at the Games Workshop tournament Battle of Stone River.
My overall design

Also, looking at the rule for Gaze of Death, I asked Warseer if it would hit Independent characters  separately since in assault, they function as a separate unit. What we think we found out was that it doesn't hit people on a unit basis. It hits on a model basis. Pretty much ,this means that Special weapons/fists/ICs can be sniped out of the unit if they get wounded. Example, a powerfist sarge, 2 melta guns and 7 regular guys, you would roll to wound the sarge, 2 meltea guns, then 7 regular guys separately. This actually justifies the 50 point price tag this power has. It make the gaze of death, writhing worldscape Ctan alot more powerful. 

Thats it for now. I have a game scheduled for Friday and hobbytown's game night is Saturday so I will have at least one more battle report ready to go Sunday. See you guys then(or earlier if I get bored)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Video battle report!

This is the promised battle report. Tons of comments, content and such. Tell me what you guys think.

Battle report!

This gives the full idea behind the last post. Tell me what you think of my first video battle report

Friday, January 27, 2012

I tabeled my first opponent.

As the title says, I tabled my First opponent today. I have never done so in 4 years of gaming. I really don't like the feeling. If it was anything other than a very close game, I would feel horrible. That being said, it was an amazingly close game.
 Man of the match goes to....
 The banshee (ctan shard)
I am swapping out grand illusion from gaze of death or lord of fire.
Claimed hundreds of points through Writhing World scape alone
ate 2 librarians, multimelta attack bike, 5 bikers, a priest, and 4 jump packers

I played my roommate Chad's blood rodeo(15 bikers, 2 bike librarians, 2 multimelta attack bikes. 2 ten man jumppack assault squads with priests and power fists, and a 5 man jump pack assault squad to grab objectives. The game went 7 turns and I wrecked his units with characters and ctan. I have never before tabled an opponent. I honestly hate the feeling.  It was a great close game, but my characters, ctan, and dangerous terrain claimed everything. Sang priests didn't matter because they got chunked into melee and died horribly.  Orikan went super and ate an entire squad in my turn, then my opponents. The barge overlord ate a squad alone. My saves were a little hot, but not bad. both characters died, but they each killed an entire troop choices, so I was happy with them.  Overall, it was a great game and amazingly close. Some of my points were really wasted. Both doomsday arks did NOTHING. Didn't broadside anyone. Didn't S9 pie plate of doom anyone. NOTHING. The best thing they did was have a squad drop next to it and kill it within range of the barge lord to kill them. They do one thing well. They dictate fire lanes amazingly well.They just dont work without support. Also, Full deep striking them dint give them much chance to work. It was a nightmare scenario. Orikans time snares did nothing, ctans grand illusion did nothing, the Doomsday arks did nothing, and the ghost arks didnt do much ;however, my ctan, characters, and crypteks were spectacular. To keep from losing a 3rd of his bikers, he let them stand still after having blasted them with a single tremor stave. No one died from the shot, but 3 bikers, a meltagun biker died while the multimelta attack bike was wounded and later died to another one. My dice were strange. I made tremor staff hits, but not a single Reanimation Protecals save.

Pretty much For those who think TLDR
(killed 2 terminators, 10 marines, priest)
(forced reserves first turn, killed 10 marines) 
 (killed 2 librarians, multimelta attack bike, 5 bikers, a priest, and 4 jump packers
on top of causing massive casualties from writhing worldscape)

With all good, there must be....not good -.-

(caused firelanes to be defined and force sacrifices to kill or get killed by them)
speed bump
(if a melta weapon type shot at them, they died. one chased a multimelta and fist sarge off the board)

In the end it was close and a lot of fun. This is going to be my tournament list for sure. Video battle report will be coming soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gaming friday!

Hello everyone. My roommate and I are playing a game friday. This is the first time since the new codex that I am using a full WYSIWYG.
This usually wouldn't be so important, but I haven't always had the best reputation with What you see is what you get. I have even been the subject of blog posts about it. I once ran nob bikers. They were expensive, both pointwise and moneywise, and I only ran them three times. I couldn't run them after that cause they were just stupid. I am trying to repair ,what I feel, is a damaged reputation. I had a phase where I was a bit difficult to play. I would put objectives where you couldn't reach them, play for draws, and generally just mess with people. I really don't want to do anything like this anymore. I want to become someone fun to play with , yet challenging for anyone who wants to play.

On a side note, I have ghost arks 

See! they exist

I also just got my Dooooooom!(sday) arks. 
its not painted....

Also, my force contains a command barge for the lord from my very first post. It actually was quite fun to completely paint it. Here is a picture.
This barge. Its commandy.... kinda of

This force is a milestone for me because its the first completely assembled and painted force. I started necrons 3 years ago when I bought a solid gold set of necrons from eBay. Now I have a whole plethora of things to paint and put together. Its a lot of fun now a days to get everything ready. Its an aspect of the hobby that I have never really gotten into. I was a little kid when I got into warhammer and I really want to expand as a gamer. I no longer care only for the game aspect of warhammer. I want more and thats what motivates me as a gamer. See you guys next time.

And I forgot the whole reason for posting in the blog tonight. I am running my list from last post friday. I am playing with necrons and I will bring about an end to my roommate chad's Blood angels. Full battle report friday!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first post

Seeing as how , if you are reading this, you have almost no idea who I am, I will start by telling you a little about myself. I am our local necron player in Johnson City, TN. I am a college student. I am trying to get a job at the local hobby town. I have been trying to write some kind of list for necrons that is fun and shows off my skill as a general.  Here is the list. 


Overlord: warscythe, mind shackle scarabs
On Command barge

Orikan the divinar

3 harbingers of transmognification: 1 seismic crucible(with orikan's unit)


Ctan shard: writhing world scape, grand illusion


9 warriors: ghost ark

9 warriors: ghost ark

8 warriors: ghost ark

heavy support

doomsday ark

doomsday ark

The idea is to force people into terrain to stay out of doomsday ark fire. Best part is everything is what you see is what you get. Also, I am painting some of these models. To start with a few pictures of them. The paint scheme is supposed to be clowns. Take a look
 The clown king (orikan the divinar)
The acrobat

Just thought I would try out this whole blogspot thing. Hope you come back. I should update the blog every friday with new information and painted models. Later