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merry christmas all 25 followers

merry chirstmas everyone. i am posting from my phone so no capitals. i want to thank everyone wh comes and reads. in less than a year, i have hit ten thousand views. i am glad to know people care enough to come see. i will have an article for yall tomorrow when i get back. have a wonderful christmas and have some happy holidays to you all.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Concept in gaming: The Handicap

Now that's a handicap

     I want to talk about something that personally affects me as a gamer.  It is a concept that I have taken to heart in many games I have played over my lifetime as a gamer. It makes everything more fun. This simple concept is why I , even after all the calculations and number crunching I do, I never view myself as a power gamer. This concept is something I have always chosen to uphold and has even caused me to be driven off on a rare occasion keeping certain people when it comes to gaming. I personally find myself wanting to pick one of the weakest armies or characters in any game I play. Sure, I can optimize the faction in any way I please and it wouldn't equal to a decent force from a strong faction. Why would you do this? Well, that is what this entire article is gonna be about.
The Fun!
     Doing this is sometimes a great deal of fun. Monkey stomping the hell out of people is rarely fun for both parties. This way can result in a lot of fun. Every time I play a really strong faction, I find myself unintentionally doing something incredibly mean. A decent roll of the dice sees something happen that I didn't really expect to happen and results is something that isn't very fun. They just hurt no matter how much you want them to not hurt. Games seem more serious when you have them.  Let me give you but a few examples.
Duengons and Dragons and Bards. Oh my!

     Ok, so Duengons and Dragons edition 3.5 had a ton of balance issues at some places. There was a build for a character called CoDzilla. What this was was a Cleric or Druid would specialize in one state usually. They would out perform any class at this one task and still have enough tools to do anything else that was really needed. I made a Cleric would could heal and tank for the part at the same time. I had double the armor class of anyone else in the party. I had a Dungeon Master provide a surefire way to hit anyone he wanted to with his boss character. I walked up to him and he still missed me. The thing was, this character was so boring. If it didn't murder the rest of the party, it had no chance of even hitting me. It was terrible. Than, I played what is considered to be the worst class in the entire game. The Bard. He sings, he dances, he is just bad. That is, he is just bad if you don't play him well.  If you play him well, he can do things that no other person in the party can do and be an absolute blast while doing so. He could talk his way out of fights and was a gem to have. Often played badly, they got a bad rap. Was fun, yet played well and powerfully. 

     For me, I played the 3rd edition Necron codex in order to have more fun. Sure, I could bring Melta, transports, and all sorts of things, but I found it fun to have an infantry force that wasn't Nidzilla. They had their unique elements and were considered garbage by many people during Fifth edition. I loved this. I loved running around with the oldest codex because I loved the fun that was using something considered bad.
Pardon my meme
     I love a good challenge. So much so, that I want a challenge in every game. A lot of the time, I don't get a challenge if I play the strong faction. There is no daring gambit, just a plan that goes the way it should have. Some of my most difficult games I ever played were a result of using an aging codex, primarily Necrons, and taking them against things like Ard boys tournament worth orks (Battle wagon blitz), space wolves (Thunderwolf longfang spam with min troops) , and more. I loved that up hill struggle in a game. As bad as it sounds, it is my number one complaint about the new Necron Codex. The challenege is gone really. I remember it taking me three years to kill a bloody land raider. I did it on accident last game. It is what I meant to do, but I didn't think it would actually work. Changed the feeling of the whole game. It kinda ruined the game for the both of us. With the challenge being gone, the fun was also gone. Things are better the harder you have to work for them.
so whats the point?
      The point is simple. Try making a weak force. Test the skills you have as a gamer by not using the best and see how things go. Give it the old college try. *pauses for the flood of gay jokes to pass*. Try things that seem fun.  I tried playing with a weaker force when i was younger and it was an absolute blast and I have never looked back.

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Three posts in a week? MADNESS!!!

Bob and I got a game in today. Here is it. Watch in HD!

Sisters of battle and why I have always wanted them

     I have wanted to collect Sisters of Battlefor a number of years. I had copies of the original Witch Hunters and had plans to get the army, but without a job and being a college student, such things were simply beyond my wallet. By far the most expensive army in the game, Often out pricing Forge World, these poor Sisters of Battle have become one of the rarest armiest in the game. They often are some of the most beautifully done. I started a thread on Warseer and before it devolved into an internet E Pen measuring contest in which the Warseer Inquisition stepped in and broke up the slap fight, I got the general feeling of an army was that It was generally awe inspiring sight to see. At the time, I generally considered it a bottom tier army which really appealed to me since I miss some of the difficulty that I had when it came to the old Necron Codex. I instead found out that they are a high learning curve army with tons of potential in both hobby and gaming. Let me break it down.
My first sisters of battle squad....Proxied
      When I first started playing Warhammer, my fat friend Chad and I decid ed to see what tickled our fancy. We both proxied anything we wanted and played several games. I played Sisters of Battle and I saw the fun they could be. This was the start of a long and unfortunate love of proxying. It lead to my worst habbit I would ever have in war gaming. As much crap as I have gotten for it, I would do it all again for the chance to play the "Sisters" again.
  • An army with a unique faith mechanic as well as a threat range that is almost unique to the army.
  • Metal models are tough but look good. 
  • One of the few armies that has remained truly mechanized.
  • With T3 and a 3+ save, no one in the game can boast a line similiar to what they do. 
  • Tough to master, but powerful once you do. 
  • The oddball choice for people to encounter due to rarity of the army.
  • One of the best HQ choices in the game under the living saint. 
  • The Exorcist
  • Difficult to truly bring a cheesy list
  • Expensive. The running joke is that Elysian Drop Troops army would be cheaper. In fact, some Forge world version of the Sisters of battle ( I am looking at you Excorcist) is cheaper than the GW version
  • People often lump them into Female Marines in power armor
  • Steep learning curve
  • Sometimes, the metal models are difficult to paint
  • Often used with a Mono Build as the White Dwarf codex doesn't give lots of options
  • Tough to play without Mechanized elements.
  • Randomness of Faith can make it difficult.
  • Allies don't give them many options.

The Transport all you Rhinos wanna be like
      I am not a Forge World guy. I have always been a straight from Games Workshop kind of guy. I have always made due with what I have and never really saw something from Forge World that truly caught my interest. Than I saw this beast of a transport. For 50$, you find yourself with a 50 point transport that can fire out six bolters, a special weapon and has an amazingly modeled dozer blade and a heavy flamer. The very thought of this tank in action makes me giddy. I haven't stopped talking about it all week, much to the displeasure of my girlfriend, but damn it, I really want to get three of these bad boys. The tournaments I plan to go to in march won't let me use them as Repressors, but even as Rhinos, these bad boys are just to good to not have.

      The Forge World goody that is cheaper than the regular one, this Exorcist is both great on the table top and lovely as a model. With a d6 heavy 48" gun, this thing is the reach out and touch someone of the Sisters of Battle force. It also is one of the most mind bogglingly hard piece to put together if you buy the Games Workshop one. It is also kind of ugly along with 10$ more expensive. It really was one of the biggest put offs until I found this Forge World beauty. Can't go Wrong here.
     All in all, I think this new venture into Sisters of battle will be a good one for me. It will expand my skill as a player by forcing me to play get better without the crazy rules that other armies have. It will expand my hobby factor by giving me an army that I really want to paint and paint well. My Necrons average five paints a model, but I have no motivation to give them a good paint job. All of this for the low, low price of nearly 700 dollars.....There goes my Warhammer budget for the next couple of years.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Duel and Planes Made of Cheese

Words of Wisdom

      Howdy everyone. Its been nearly a month since I last regaled everyone with a post, but I always believe that you can never force content. Having only played two games of Warhammer in nearly a month, it just didn't seem right to talk about things when I haven't even gotten in a game. I got to read the New Chaos book, but found it so out of my style that I couldn't even begin to fathom writing a list for what I consider a monstrously mediocre book that was supposed to be the god child of the new edition and hopefully out cheesing Necrons just enough to keep people from whining about having to play them. Today I bring you a tale of one of the most epic ends to any game I have ever played. I also want to talk about the flying pieces of cheese known as the night scythe. 
You can find anything on the internet.
     It is rare that I get to use the Challenge mechanic for anything other than a gamey purpose. I challenge in order to win combat or snipe out an element of an enemy unit that can do the most damage. It is a powerful tool for my decked out Necron Overlord. My last game saw me use the Challenge in a fun way for once and it resulted in probably the most fun and crazy moment I have ever had in my five years of playing Warhammer 40k. It all started when my night scythe dropped off my Death Mark squad with Harbinger of Destruction and my Overlord. My opponent had deployed a Camocloak bunch of veterns behind an Aegis Defense Line so there was no shooting them out of it. The only option was to drop my toughest squad as close as possible and hope they can start assaulting as soon as possible. Well, the overlord does his duty and starts carving a bloody trench through the poor guardsmen and the guardsmen are doing their duty and dieing valiantly for the Emperor, but that would make for a boring tale. This story is about the Cryptek. When the Death Marks assaulted the guard, they didn't perform well. Evidently, beating people to death with the most advanced technology in the galaxy such as guns the can disconnect the nerves in your brain is not the best of ideas. The brave veteran guardsmen had an officer with them that was willing to take a risk and challenge the weakest person in the group.  This was the beginning of the most epically bad duel of all time. The charge happened at the beginning of turn 4 and didn't end until the end of turn 6. The Cryptek swung his mind shredding staff to little effect. The officer had amazing armor although it weighed him down so much that he couldn't get a single wound through. For two entire game turns the two combatants were set aside fighting in the slap fight of the century. The duel only ended when the oddest of events happened. A Night Scythe flew on top of a Hydra and decided to shoot its Tesla Destructor. I am bad at taking hull points off with it's Arc ability. With only one hull point left, the Night Scythe had to die from the Arc. The Crash and Burn result that followed saw the Night Scythe Scatter ten inches in their direction perfectly on top of the two combatants and kill the both of them in fiery blaze that can only be deemed as the biggest fail that has ever happened. It was so bad that the Night Scythe pilot saw what was going on and would rather end it all and stop the calamity than continue living.  This brings us to my next topic
ok, so it is close to cheese, but not quite
    Night scythes are the bane of the internet. Every online Necron list has 4+ Night Scythes. They seem to be the end all  of everything 40k...At least so saith the mighty internet.  In reality, this is far from the case. In my games, the night scythes usually drop people off where I want them and at best, let a 5 man warrior squad jump on objectives last turn. The killing power of the Scythes is incredibly underwhelming. On average, you get 6 hits, 5 wounds, and maybe 2 dead marines. For the god unit of the Necron codex, they are incredibly meh. They are hard to kill, but can't pull the weight that a list full of them needs. The air force just doesn't function to the degree people need it too. If it did, you would see these lists winning tournaments. Note that I am not saying they are fun to play against, but they aren't cripplingly evil as the internet would suggest. After 5 games, my air force was completely destroyed by 2 Hydras. I still won the game because I didn't have to rely on them to win, but they performed badly, which is part of why I run it for fun. Either the air force does incredibly well such as my game against the Draigo Wing where they just didn't have the tools needed to actually gun down the aircraft or they do really badly such as my game against the Imperial Guard last night which had 2 Hydras and a Quad gun.

My next project
     My next post and project will be a two part article as well. I will talk about why I can't do anything with the bloody Chaos Space Marine codex and I will also be discussing my next project for both tournament and hobby play, the sisters of battle. Lets just say, I want an army that's considered sub-par again as my favorite army was old codex Necrons.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I tabled draigo wing and I liked it.

Especially when it comes to paladins
    Hello everyone. I want to talk about something today that I don't ever really get to talk about. I want to talk about my first encounter with someone other than close friends grey knights and more importantly draigo wing. I played them for the first time and while they are not as powerful as they were in the last edition, they still have a certain punch to them. I ended up tabling my opponent at 1500 points in my first encounter. The smaller than usual point level showed a lot of things about the list. I have spent a fair amount of time on forums trying to look for advice on lists and I always kept coming up with the same feedback, I don't have the needed gaming experience to develop a list that could fight the power lists. The prime example was draigo wing. You never know how nasty such lists are until you actually fight them. I make it a point to never speak about something that I feel I know little about. Misinformation is worse than no information. I can say now that I have experience fighting this particular list, I want to share an idea or two from my experience.

The immovable rock that is paladins
    The first thing I noticed was that the paladin squad is a huge squad that puts the hurt on everything. Bit of a duh on that. What I also notice was that the blob doesn't lose effectiveness quickly or for any reason other than massive casualties. This is incredibly hard, especially with draigo tanking. Feel no pain makes this squad even more of a pain. It gets even worse when draigo gets the 4+ inv save power and takes the prime power (which is what happened in my game) . They have a huge footprint and kill everything they touch. But the squad is so incredibly expensive that it should kill something every time it does anything. The other elements of the army suffer from the massive points allowed in this army. No where was this more apparent than at the 1500 point range. Turn one saw me drop a psyflemen dread, a heavy bolter razorback with psy ammo and 3 members of a strike squad. It was most of his backfield at that point size. His huge unit suffered some damage, but was still really effective at what it did as it killed anything it shot at while the rest of his army was neutered mostly with the shots that wouldn't do entirely to much to the blob of paladins. Even some shots that would have hurt the paladins went to other spots in the army to drop effectiveness of his army as a whole. It was easy to focus on that blob of death coming to stomp on your cookies, but looking at the bigger picture truly helps. Rushing units to his backfield can kill his weaker units also forces a decision on your opponent. He can continue with his plan or he can deal with the threat to his objectives with his big squad. The more choices you give your opponent, the more chances they have to make mistakes.
Remember to wrap it...
    The thing about draigo wing that separates them from other Death stars I have noticed is that they can have an incredible  amount of points spent on them and they lose little for it. After a certain point, nob bikers start to lose their bang for the buck. Thunder Wolves lose a lot the more points you spend on the unit. Paladins simply don't. You drop a clean 700+ points on a paladin squad and they will do business for your 700+ points. You will be hard pressed to drop that many points into nob bikers even with characters and not suffer for it. There are two ways to help neuter the paladin squad I have noticed without having to kill them. They are usually footslogging it across the board. Out maneuver them if you can. Basic MSU loved facing draigo wing simply because I had the speed to run around the blob and ,granted I lost guys, I didn't lose 700 points to that squad. At one point, I reverse bubble wrapped the squad. A eight man warrior squad stood in front of them and forced a round of shooting or a two inch assault to get by. 104 points stopped paladins in their tracks. Granted, it was only for a turn and they promptly got shot to death out of fear for other factors, but get small victories where you can get them. If you can mitigate draigo wing getting its points back, than often, you have bettered the squad. My mitigating unit was actually a bit of a surprise to my opponent.  I used my favorite expensive Necron overlord. He has a 2+ armor save, 3+ inv save, mind shackle scarabs, and war scythe. He alone ran out in front of the paladin squad defiant. Presented my opponent with a scary choice. Do I shoot with my entire squad and kill 145 points of guy who has a one and three chance of coming back and risk the assault? Do I risk assaulting and have draigo get  challenged and tie up the unit or worse yet mind shackled and titan sword his paladins? Do I risk getting bunched up if the assault sees the paladins not get a good consolidate? (This will be important later)  Lots of choices sees more chances for more mistakes. My opponent chose to have draigo run out and charge him alone. three turns later, draigo knocked down the overlord only to see him come back and kill him in assault.  With draigo as the only support the paladins had after everything else got beaten up, he couldn't afford to force weapon 145 points of model and have his guys lose rerolls to hit and a 4+ inv. It is important to note that simply survive earns them some manner of their points back in terms of playing for the scenario.
still think we need more dakka.
      To fight paladins, you need effective Dakka. More shooting isn't really the answer as bolters vs a 2+ model with feel no pain is insane. Assaulting the paladins is just death to the assaulting squad. You need big guns that can put the hurt on people in just the right way. Strength eight is good, but you need to have ap two with it as you need more than one in six shots reliably killing. Yet again, another duh.  certain units fire can dictate action from draigo wing paladin blobs. Killing the draigo wing is good, but as mentioned earlier, they are effective right up until the end if positioned well. It is better to try to influence control of how the paladin squad acts instead of kill them dead.  If you have a high strength, low AP large blast that can sit outside of the paladins threat range and put some hurt on clumped up models, you will see your opponent often not assault cheap troops like my eight warriors and favor instead to shoot them. This drastically slows them down. You can effectively reverse bubble wrap and now force the choice of risking clumping together in order to get some consolidation towards your guys or playing it safe and simply shooting them to death. The range element is important as the paladins will shoot dead anything that can hurt them in their threat range.  In my case, I was running twin doomsday arks as I have since the necron codex came out. These units are primarily anti light armor  and general things clumped together. They didn't shoot at the paladin blob first turn and instead destroyed the razor back (killing two strikes inside), two paladins that got clipped from the large blast at the razor back, and the psyflemen dread. The rest of my army resulted in a single wound on the paladins since most of the other elements of my force didn't have range on anything else. 350 points did a lot of hurt first turn while easily 500+ points of guys did a single wound against the paladin squad. To make it worse, a doom scythe sitting in reserve saw the draigo wing think long and hard about placement  even more. He couldn't risk putting them in any line patterns or risk losing mutliple guys to a death ray.

The simplest of ideas.
       I did pretty well against draigo wing my first game, but I almost lost to two models left.  I completely forgot one of the most basic aspects in all of sixth edition. Playing to the scenario. I didn't have anyone on objectives turn 5. If the game ended, I lost to two models.  Draigo wing can only really hold a single objective where there are multiple objectives in almost all games. They have to sit on objectives at the end of turn 5 on or else risk not taking advantage of them being troops. Draigo can run off and do things, but this leaves the squad vulnerable to high strength weapons. If you can stay away from them and simply score enough objectives to win, than the paladin squad is in trouble. You force the rest of his army has to perform against more points. I drew the second worse scenario for facing paladins. I got emperors will. Two objectives meant that I had to claim secondary objectives or else murder everything or draw/lose. There really was no wiggle room. Could have been relic, but thank god it wasn't. The scenario was bad because it meant that if paladins weren't hurt and dieing, than they could just sit on a single objective. In playing for the scenario, I threw my very mobile scoring elements as his objective knowing that they could only really kill one of them at a time. It dictated action  and made them chose what to try and go for. If he doesn't help his objective, its mine. If he doesn't come after mine, he loses. There are only so many turns in a game and 700+ points of guys gotta do something big or else they won't make their points back. 
what does all this mean
      Every thing I discussed piles up on itself. From the first section, we see trying to kill the paladins first is gonna hurt. You have to reduce the effectiveness of the entire army compared to just the paladins as it is easier to do most of the time. From the second section, we can see that trying to stall the paladins as well try and force them to not make up their overall points. From the third section, we see that simply shooting the paladins is rough, but when you can, you can use it to try and dictate action from your opponent.  From the final section, we see that draigo wing can suffer from certain objective based games while striving at others. You can win with only two models after all.  There is a further point to all of this in terms of who this applies to.
blessed of Malal. wish they would have him in some form in the new book.
    Everything I have talked about in application to the paladin unit, mildly applies to many of the units I am seeing in the new chaos codex. They are great units when you spend the points, but the points will start to dry up fast leading to units that have abilities like the paladins do. For example,  Larger squads of marines that are hard to reduce in effectiveness in terms of damage, but the army will suffer as a whole for it.  They can be stalled. Assaulting them will hurt as some of the big baddies had fearless. Certain objectives are gonna be good for chaos, but they will suffer from the need to have the option to spread out. I am looking into this more, so don't think to much about it. Thank you for reading my entirely to long rant. Good gaming to ya.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lesser of all evils Season 2!

Hello everyone. Been a while, but things have been hectic. I needed a while to get everything back on track. I haven't wargamed in any form or fashion for 2 months. Yeah, its been a while. Thats why I have decided to call for a season approach to blogging. From time to time, I will take a break for a month or two in order to refill the brain with ideas for the blog. I wanted to write something, but Trying to think of something brand spanking new in a blogging world filled with Reblogs and OMG chaos!? I hope yall understand. Now, where were we?
 I recently made friends with one of my buddies over at 's friend. His name is Rosco. He is awesome. This man literally had a collection that rivaled store inventory. He has pretty much every model ever made and often has multiples of things that are important and have many sculpts. His collection was really unbelievable until I saw it with my own eyes. It was breath taking. He taught myself,  His friend rachel, and His friend russel how to play warmachine. I only got one game in ,but it showed me alot. At 15 points, I was trying for a mortenbra theme list. Theory hammer is awesome, but practicality of things trumps all. I thought that I was playing attrition based cryx.....Guess what cryx actually is... Glass cannons... Damn. Well it was fun, but I will be changing war casters next time. I will be going with the awkward Skarre. Evidently her "Great Rack" is one of the best attacks in the game. Not her actual rack, but her horns.... Don't ask. She hits like a mack truck and she really is easier to play. Thats what I need is something simple to start. I am still trying to figure out what I want to play and Rosco has been a great help. I am gonna leave it at that for now. I try not to talk about subjects that I don't know about as I have made myself look like an ass all to often even when I know what I am talking about. Imagine how bad it would be if I didn't know. Happy gaming yall.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

a slight confession of the past several years.

There is something I want to confess. For the past several years, I have been trying to get better at warhammer in all its forms. I rarely get to go all out most of the time. I can have fun not going all out as I have had fun for the past couple of years, but my most memorable games were games in which I got to truly go all out.  The most memorable games I have ever had was when I was playing old necrons and I was fighting the big power armies. Battle wagon blitz orks and WaaC space wolves (thunderwolf death star, max fangs, min troops) were some of my favorite games. I got to hold nothing back and overall, it was lots of fun. Granted I complained about the WaaC wolves, but that was because the thunder wolves were on pill bases. The game was great and I even got two games in that evening. Now where does this lead us? simple.
my faction of choice
      That's right everyone. I am gonna try to start playing Warmachine. I won't be bringing optimized lists. I love the underdog challenge and I feel warmahordes is going to be just the way to get it. I am gonna try for a Lich Lord Terminus list that is both soft, yet solid. It won't be the best list, but it will be a challenging one that can win if it is played right. That is what makes games fun for me. The Balls to the Wall style of play in warmachine has    started to appeal to me as of late. Lets see what comes of this. Good night and I will see yall next week.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Fantastical Rant (Part 1)

Howdy folks!

Today I have a treat for you. My oldest friend and fellow gamer John recently sent me a rather nice rant concerning Warhammer Fantasy. I have divided the rant up into several different posts with John's rant left almost entirely intact. So without further adieu I give to you Part 1 of the rant:

A Rambling Rant

Grandpa Simpson.

Ok just to start off a couple warnings, I am biased, I will take an opinionated stand, I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to gaming, and I will ever so often be a hypocrite. Also if I offend you it is nothing personnel I hate everybody equally, and if I haven’t hated on what you do it means I have either not gotten around to you yet, forgot the horrible things you do or haven’t met you yet.

Ok Warhammer (fantasy {as a warning when I typically say warhammer I mean fantasy, 40 000k will usually be specified as 40 000k}) I think is a great game of generalship, cunning, kunning, krafty-ness a good plan and a good army, and then a shit ton of luck, damn you dice gods damn you. Now that I have ensured that I lost my next battle lets continue.

1.       New Army Building Rules

I love love love the new army building rules, 25% 25% 25%+ 50% 25%, if you don’t know what that means, you can now spend up to 25% on lords, heroes and rare choices individually, at least 25% on core and up to 50% on special. For those good at math or handy with a calculator you will quickly notice that does not add up to 100%. So right off the bat you have to show some skill and creativity (hopefully) in making an army list, where will you spend your points, those pesky last 200 points do you make you beefy elite unit zoomygod-ier, do you add another cannon fodder bus, or another decked out character? Usually I find that on those last points you end up breaking one of the percentage rules, so I have found myself kunningly playing with points sculpting my army list into a masterpiece, at least until the first dice roll, once again damn you dice gods. Oh and yes I do mean to spell cunning with a k, it is a bit of an inside joke I am sure a lot of people know, and it is a reference to orc (or ork) spelling. As one who has fought under the old rules where it was simply number of units and having faced several opponents who brought 1000 point models (I am almost serious, faced a daemon prince worth around 800pts in 2000pt match) then this model is backed by the cheapest and fewest core choices he could table. I hated it as it was so unbalanced. So this new rule I think helps balance things and make the game more fun, as well as making me and you spend more time thinking about it. I have definitely spent hours at work thinking about the 85 pts I have to spend in my tomb king army.

2.       Is Bigger Better for everybody?

 I both like and don’t like that everybody is getting beefier units, monstrous cav and inf. I think more of both was needed in the game I am just not sure everybody should be getting it. While it does drive me up a wall that some don’t. (dwarves are the biggest and they need a rewrite hard more on this later) I like that the game is adding more oomph to the games with bigger scarier newier (more new) units. But I usually find that these units are unstoppable behemoths that flatten everything in their path or they sit there and mess up my dice rolling even more. I think this is because they are new and haven’t been balanced yet, or that everybody hasn’t gotten similar things to counter. So hopefully we see more of these a bit refined, hopefully not to the point where they have lost all their edge. I do agree that demigryphs should be able to roll almost anything they touch but they have a little too much power, the demigryphs themselves. One of the main issues I have with these new big units is that old big units don’t get updated to match, a lot of new monster, monstrous cav, inf or beasts have a ws of 4 or more, while my carnosaur king of the lustrian jungle struggles hitting the broadside of the block of poor empire spearmen. I love stomps, I think they were a needed add to give the big units the edge they needed, while it makes complete sense as far as lore and the ‘real world’ application of these guys. 

 So folk, what do the Fantasy players out there have to say? I myself love the new way armies are chosen. The percentage system works well for Fantasy and for point limits and provides for more diverse armies in my opinion. I prefer taking diverse, tactically flexible armies built around a few central units or an overarching theme. For example my Empire army is a combined arms force of blocks of infantry, ranged support in the form of guns and artillery, and knights to provide a good flank punch. As far as the whole unshakable thing goes I consider it a very double edged sword. I think that if a big hoard unit takes a certain amount of casualties in one round of combat then they should not get a steadfast bonus due to the fact that they just saw their friends get butchered in front of them. Besides that it gives a big advantage to armies capable of taking units of 50 for a very low cost over armies of more smaller, elite units that just aren't capable of killing enough models to make a dent in a hoard. I made an army list for Warriors of Chaos that had over 200 Marauders in it plus several characters that I would hate to see used against my High Elves who, bless their little elven hearts, just don't do a hoard army. Incidently Marauders are as expensive as goblins and skeletons, riddle me that batman! If a big block gets in an advantageous position with terrain protecting its' flanks and good luck moving that. That and I find fights between two big blocks of 50 WS 3, S3 models supremely boring. 
Napoleon Dynamite. God I hate that movie.

Part 2 will be up later this week hopefully. Happy gaming!!