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Codex Tyranid and why I love this book.

Time for a quick review
     Edwin here. After a year of fun with the Sisters of Battle, I have traded in the Sisters for various reasons. Every game felt like it played the same and that kind of bugged me. So I traded them for a rather large army of Tyranids. I know the Tryanids have gotten a rather bad rap since the codex dropped, but personally, I really love this book. Each and every slot has a good unit in slot, but the best part of this is that each of these "best in slot" units are not spammable. They are good as a single or maybe running two, but that is as far as they go. You can take a rainbow of units and be successful. Units don't handle each and every situation in  choice in the tyranids codex, so you have to spread the points out to be able to handle each threat. There are some bad units and some terribly written rules (which the pyrovore conveniently fits for both), but overall, units are all good in their own way and usable. Some are good in a few situations *cough* genestealers *couch*, but they still have their uses. I really want to talk about who I feel are the winners of this codex in each slot and why. Also, I want to talk about the hidden gems of each slot (they are pretty nifty)

The hive tyrant
    This is the easiest choice in the entire book. They hive tyrant works in any role you care to have him fill. He can be a melee beast if you need one, but you are probably going to want to build him shooty as he will fill most roles needed with a simple shooting build. Need to kill infantry? 2 twin linked devoures work wonders if you are close enough or you can even throw out a barbed strangler to kill people at range. Need some AT, a heavy venom cannon will seriously put the hurt on vehicles. Throw on wings or 2 Tyrant Guard for protection, and you will have a durable synapse unit that can eat people depending on how you build him. 
The hidden gem! Death Leaper
     Death Leaper is the hidden gem of the HQ section. Death Leaper is pretty good. He has all the other good aspects of lictors. He also gets a rule that makes everyone snapfire at him. That means no flamer templates and no blasts. He also has mind eater warlord trait. This allows him to get 2 VP for every ic he kills in a challenge. It can win you low point games. The biggest reason to take him is because he is cheap and he has a nice rules for simply existing.


The Venomthrope!
     The venomthropes win this slot if only because they provide synergy with the rest of the army. Hide them behind a big creature and they have a 3+ cover save. Any unit within 6 inches will have a model that gets shrouded. Because shrouded says you only have to have one model with shrouded for the whole unit to have that +2 to cover, it is pretty good.  The best part is that he is also cheap. 45 points is pretty good for what he gives you. Surprisingly, he is no slouch in melee. Lash whips give him I6 with 2 attacks with poison 2+. It can help kill some tough creatures who are tougher to kill with really strong toughness . He is WS 3, but a lot of the Tyranid book is surprisingly.  These guys will die. The fire needed to kill these guys is going to be  significant. It is fire that isn't directed at the rest of the elite slot which is primarily AT units. Even in a meta that has alot of things that strip cover or ignore cover, you find that venomthropes force people to make decisions on what they strip cover from.
The hidden gem! Pyrovores.....
   The hidden gem is the pyrovores.....hear me out. Volatile says "If the Pyrovore is slain by a wound that inflicted instant death, every unit suffers a S3 hit for each model within d6 of the slain pyrovore" so plop 30 gaunts within 6 inches of a pyrovore and if it gets hit with ID, every unit on the board takes 30 s3 hits.......It is dumb, but pretty hilarious. People will probably commit horrible acts of violence if you honestly tried to play it that way, but it is good for a laugh when you read it. That laugh is all it is good for


The Tervigon wins for troops
   Tervigon wins the troop slot. Even with the increase in points and loss of biomancy,  this troop choice is still good. You need at least one. Spawning troops, a pretty good S5 Large blast template shooting attack, psyker level 1, synapse, and that T6 W6 stat line, they are pretty good. The remind me a lot of playing orks. They work well at doing what the enemy does poorly. Someone good in melee? shoot them. Someone pretty shooty? Go give them a hug.  230 points with regeneration  (which is nice unless they focus him down, but then they aren't shooting at the other units), this scoring behemoth is good at being adaptable to what you need. This is certainly not a max unit, but one is definitely needed.  It also gives counter attack to Termagaunts within 12 inches. Nothing to write home about, but I have won and lost games with less. 
The hidden gem! Genstealers
    Genestealers can be pretty lackluster at times. I find that I always want to run a single unit with broodlord to really try and pick people off or infiltrate onto an objective. They can do a lot. Outflank is nice and can infiltrate if you find a good position. The Horror from the Broodlord is pretty nice when you want to try and lock down a unit and get ready to pounce on them the next turn. They can kill people pretty easily in melee. WS 6, I6, and 2 attacks is nasty. Ld 10 helps them stay stuck in combat if things don't go well so they can tie up ranged units and the Broodlord is perfect for challenges against anyone that isn't dedicated to melee combat. fleet, move through cover, and infiltrate mean these guys are going where you want them  Lack of Instinctive Behavior means they will not have to be baby sat by anything with synapse, so you can apply early game pressure. Unsupported , they die. Let them go after isolated units, and they will really start to shine.

Fast attack
The harpy
    The harpy wins up this slot pretty easily. The ability to swap between a Twin Linked Stranglethorn cannon for killing infantry and taking a Twin Linked Heavy Venom Cannon for tank hunting is pretty good. It is pretty good at range. Combine this with special rules that really want you to get close and you find a support flyer that is just scary. you can Vektor Strike, but with the Spore Cysts, you may not want to. You can chose to drop a S4 AP4 Large blast that is also barrage onto anyone you fly over with reduced scatter. Useful for trying to snipe out heavy weapons or Sargents, it complements the Sonic Screech rule really well. Sonic Screech drops all enemy's initiative by 5 that are involved in the combat the Harpy charges into. Get close doing  damage and drop down and charge into melee to see all enemies strike last. All for the cheap cost of  140 points, and you have a great cheap unit that can do work. Combine him with the hidden gem and they really shine.

The hidden gem! Gargoyles
     Often used as flying cover, Gargoyles have probably the nastiest melee ability in the entire Codex: Tyrandis. Ever wonder why we have never seen large unit style units with access to blind? This is why. 10 Gargoyles are 60 points. 10 melee attacks that for each hit require an Initiative test or you suddenly become WS/BS 1 for a turn.. Every single hit this unit does in melee with their blinding venom causes a blind check is nasty, but when you add this to the minus 5 Initiative that the Harpy uses when charging into combat, and you are going to see even elite melee units fail and be stuck in combat for a turn. Charge in with some slower units in the following turns or bring a Genestealer squad in to help and you can see a really expensive melee unit disappear very quickly. It may seem like alot to throw at something, but 10 Gargoyles and a Harpy come in right around 200 points. They are really nasty.


    The Mawloc is awesome for the cost. 140 point T6 W6 Monstrous creature that provides some crucial Low AP hits outside of melee combat. His Terror from the Deep destroys entire units. The AP2 Template now hits twice if the Mawloc can't deploy. It was a close race between the biovore and the Mawloc, but one thing really sealed the deal for me in this race. The Mawloc can use his Terror of the Deep large blast template on units in melee. Woe to a foe who is locked in melee with a Lictor, because that Terror of the Deep will murder most units that are gathered around the Lictor. Even if you mishap, o well. You have half a chance to go back into reserves and Terror from the Deep next turn. I have heard him refereed  to as the ninja. Entire units just disappear  and often times, because  someone lives, it is as if he was never their.He is good. at something the Tyranid army has a problem with.

An Honorable Second! Biovores
     For 40 points, you have a S4 Large Blast Barrage who is tiny and can sit at a good range and snipe people of importance. If he misses, he produces spore mines. Spore mines are pretty awesome as it is and this guy makes more.. He is great because he does a lot, but it is his cheap price tag and ability to be taken in trios that really makes him shine. For the low, low price of 120 points, this unit decimates people who need to hide behind aegis defense lines. Dark Angels brought the Banner of Devastation?  One barrage shot later and that banner is no more. They fill points and they fill them well. 

The List

     So with all this in mind, absolutely zero of these options are really spammable. You can, but you will find yourself coming up lacking in a lot of areas. I have found myself gravitating towards a rainbow list. The only duplicate unit I have is two single zoanthrope units instead of two zoanthropes together. More chance to critical Pysker powers and more flexibility in my synapse. You will notice that I often don't have some of the best in slot units in my army. They are good, but you don't need them to win with this book in my oppinion. Here is the list I plan to use at 1750. Hope you like it and Good night


Hive tyrant-2 twin linked devours, 2 tyrant guard




3 hive guard


10 genestealers-broodlord

30 gaunts-spine rifles

tervigon-cluster spines, regeneration

3 warriors-death spitters

fast attack

5 raveners-rending claws

heavy support



tyranofex-rupture cannon

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A starting army for warmachine and the idea for painting it.

A good size starting War Machine army. 25 points
This is what I have been up to since I graduated Saturday. I decided to get a small army going and hope to hit 35 points before a tournament in February. The army is small, shooty yet strong in melee and is a solid army. It isn't competitively optimized, but I don't want a competitively optimized army. I just want something competent that works. I also like the theme behind armies like this one. Small and stealthy, these mage hunters put the hurt on anything in War Machine. Hordes may be a little issue, but with so much shooting and denial, they shouldn't cripple me to bad. At 35 points, they will do better as they will have a strong counter charge element in the added units.  Here is a run down of the list.
Kaelyssa the Night Whisper
With an additional 7 points for warjacks and 7 focus she is a strong choice. To make her even more nasty, she has a gun that fires 3 times and steals a focus on hit. Her spell list is pretty impressive. She is one of the better jack casters if only for how much focus she can have. Her spells are simple yet scary. Backlash makes it to where when a jack is damaged, the warcaster takes a single point of damage. That isn't to impressive until you have the mage hunters (mentioned later) start plinking jacks because their ranged attacks do 3d6 damage. Sure, they may only put a couple of points of damage on them, but every time they do, it will plink one off the caster. It makes riskier moves with the enemy warcaster more difficult. Her next spell is arcane reckoning. Anytime anyone uses a magic attack at a unit with this buff and misses, the magic attack hits the user instead. This works well with the Mage hunters as they have stealth so you always miss if you are farther then five inches away. She has banishing ward which removes any buffs on whoever it hits. Useful for everyone. Has phantom hunter which means the unit with this buff doesn't care about line of sight. She also has arcane bolt that makes people stationary on hit which is really huge. Her feat works well with everyone. You can't be charged and everything has stealth. This puts everyone's range to about five inches for a turn. Really crippling. Lets show what else goes with her.
10 man mage hunters strike force with Unit Attachment
This unit is scary. Advance deployment and phantom hunter sees these guys attacking any model within 12 inches away. They work really well with kaelyssa. hell, they work really well alone. That is probably the best part about them. Alot of the force needs to be able to work alone. Next unit is a must have solo.
Eiryss 2 or maybe 1
Of the three Eiryss that are available, Eiryss two is probably the hardest to work around for the enemy. Her presence alone sets up a bubble 5 inches large where enemy jacks can't get focus and channel spells. On top of that, if she hits anyone with any weapon, they lose all focus. Eyriss one may get a few test games in. She gets a nifty little thing that just messes up everyone's plan. She causes you to drop focus, but you also cannot get focus the following round. Add phantom hunter from her with kaelyssa and a game winning shot is easy to do. It may cost her her life, but she will be avenged. Elven Vengeance is kind of what we do.
the Griffion Light Warjack
This little guy is the Griffon. He is practically a missile with a halberd. He isn't slowed by terrain and he has a powerful charge rule that makes his charge attack easier to hit. He will die to a stiff breeze, but he will take that breeze with him as he dies. Kaelyssa's spells can protect him pretty will. He is cheap and quick.
a Chimera Light Warjack
This guy is a little sneaky one. He has mirage, so he shifts two inches from where ever he is at the start of hit turn. He can also, channel kaelyssa's spells. Any spell kael casts, she can select the origin of the spell as the Chimera. Add in the how hard he hits, he works quite well. He isn't cheap for a light warjack.
The Manticore
This big guy is the Heavy Warjack of the group. Neither amazing in melee or shooting, he finds himself in between. He is good with his 12 inch range and his Gun that shoots three times, but he also has the highest strength hit in the army which will allow him to punch him in the face. He doesn't need any focus either most of the time as he just moves and pumps three shots into everyone. This jack is the one that needs the least amount of focus. He only needs focus on the turn her is going to run in and punch peoples faces off. Should be fun.

This is my 25 point force. It was quick and fun. I really want to get a few games in with my friend rob and see how it does. It is a precision force, but it can really lay down the hurt when it needs to. I really am excited to see this game in action. Wish me luck

Friday, December 13, 2013

Graduation and a new game.

Sooooooo..... Been a while. Haven't been around a lot. I graduate college Saturday. Should give me more time for gaming. The new sisters of battle codex launched, but I haven't gotten to pour over it enough to feel comfortable with a little discussion. Still a fun book and I am loving the digital books. Instead, I want to talk about something else. Warmachine! That is right, I want to try to get together a small army together. There is one thing I feel warhammer is missing something I find Warmachine has in spades. In Warhammer, the army's I find myself running use units that perform a job in a vacuum. Nothing really buffs or changes what they do. A squad used to pop tanks uses it's own powers and really doesn't change. It pops tanks only really. Units rarely have do more then kill people. Unit synergizer on an army basis and don't really interact enough for me. Some strong HQ choices and a few random units can do things like this, but I find the game in general lacking. In warmachine, every unit feels like it can do more then just punch someones face off and they interact in more ways because it is a smaller game.  For example, My ork boy squad never really had much beyond crunching people. They don't really do alot more. Death is the only form of action in warhammer in my eyes. I am not saying I don't like warhammer. I love warhammer. I am a lifer. I just want to try something that requires a little more thought and planning. My planning in Warhammer seems to be units going and doing something alone. A troop goes to claim an objective or target a unit,but they often don't do anything else. Warmachine, everything does something special it feels. Units work well within themselves, but they also work towards helping other friendly units or hurting enemy units without having to kill people.There is more interaction then just kill people. This is why I want to get into warmachine. My army will be.....
Retribution of Scyrah!
This army is all about the interaction with everything. The units have a good synergy with each other and they help cover the weakness their other units have and they can do more then just kill people. The Warcaster is a magical denial caster. She can buff her own units to either help them perform their job in a unique way. She can deny board space, she can cause damage to casters in unconventional  ways, she can deny major engagements for a turn, and she can do things her own.  Her jacks are jacks with options. The griffon warjack which is the one with the shield and halberd is a rocket. He is fast and can really lay the hurt on people. He is a light jack so he dies to a stiff breeze, but he is an assassin. The chimera is an arc node first off so he can have spells cast though him by the warcaster, he is a highly mobile jack who can hurt people, but still has the utility to do more then kill people. The Last warjack in this is the heavy warjack Manticore. This guy is an all around threat. He can shoot well, punch people's faces off, and can still interact with more then just those two elements. He has a special attack that sets down a 3 inch template on the ground that if people walk into it, they get hurt. It is board denial. It is armywide interaction that just isn't there in warhammer. The unit I am adding to the battle box is the Mage Hunter Strike Force. They work really well with the warcaster and they are a strong range choice and they can alter play with their special rule that allows them to shoot without needing Line of Sight. You have to change the way people play when you run the risk of a game losing death if you don't think about it. You then add in a solo character eiyrss. With tons of strong infantry killing power and methods to change the way you play with and against infantry, this solo adds a strong element for fighting Jacks. I really feel that this could be a great all comers list and a fun start. Overall, everything costs roughly as much as a stompa for half of a Tournament grade army. The army works well on paper and provides a variety for me to learn the game. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Waac vs Faac: The Two Extremes and Gamers Versus Hobbiests

       Hello everyone. Today, I want to talk about something I have been giving a lot of thought as of late. I want to talk about the ideas of being a Win at All Costs player and being a Fluff at All Costs player and where we all fit in.  There are not nearly as many WAAC or FAAC players as the Internet would suggest . These two phrases get thrown around a lot on the Internet and I feel they aren't nearly as justified as often as they are used. Almost always used with a negative connotation, these two phrases are often used to discredit or insult someone . For a better look into both, I am going to break down what I feel is each one and give some examples of each and how they are both similar to each other.

    I want to discuss the Win At All Costs player. This phrase gets thrown around the most. In the six years I have been playing warhammer, I always thought I knew what a WAAC player was. It always seemed like that guy who came in with the toughest army you could put together and always played their hardest against everyone. This was my view for the longest time and I often would try to play against some of these players to try and get better at warhammer. They were seriously tough opponents, but the game was still fun so I kept playing them. Then I met the person who I would soon learn would be the model for what a WAAC player would be. A WAAC player is someone who plays the game to the extreme point that the win is more important than anything else. The win will come even to the exclusion of everything else. A win comes before fun,  before friends and before anything else. That win has to come or else the WAAC player isn't happy. The means of the win doesn't matter either. Even in the friendliest of games, a WAAC player will use any trick to make sure they win. Whatever type of game you are playing isn't important just so long as they win.

     As an example, I will use someone I know and shall call Will. This person was the person that became to define what I came to think of WAAC.  This person was so bad that they described sportsmanship in tournaments as "Sportsmanship is about sucking up and telling your opponent you like their paint job, asking them about the tournament so far, yucking it up over your own bad dice and talking about lunch."  and had this idea only so he wouldn't lose points in a tournament and have the best chance of winning. I once saw this guy play at a tournament and he made a younger kid cry. The kid had spent his entire game setting up for what he thought was the game ending move. It was something that was against the rules and at the last moment he found out and had pretty much lost because of it. He got a little teary eyed and was visibly upset. At this point, instead of just relaxing and playing through the rest of the game, he is a dick to the kid as he is about to cry and goes about crushing him. The win was so important to him that he didn't care at all if this kid cried or not and certainly didn't care if anyone had fun.  He wanted a Win and to go to the next round.

        The other side of the WAAC  FAAC coin is the Fluff at All Costs player. FAAC players are a lot more rare but are just as extreme. The fluff they use is more important than anything else. They often will ruin anything they want to for their fluff. Everyone could be having a great time and they will try to interject all the fluff into things they can even if it ruins the moment. An air of superiority is often held around fluff. It doesn't matter what happens,  the fluff is what is important. Something rare happens? Fluff is used to defuse a possible funny situation by referring to some a time when that isn't how things went and that it is bull crap things went that way. Things going exactly how it would go in the fluff? Let me tell you over and over again about how this in the fluff. Like that unit you are using? Let me tell you all the unfluffy things you are doing with it and how to play your unit so that it can be fluffy.   Having fun? Not if the fluff can help it! If you haven't figured out by now, this is the kind of extreme player I hate of the WAAC and FAAC players. A WAAC player can ruin a game, a FAAC player ruins an entire room.

      My example of the FAAC player isn't pretty. Just so you know, I used the phrase "Basement Dweller" to try and figure out the guys name and everyone knew exactly who I was talking about. Not a good start for him. He would try to add fluff into any conversation even if it wasn't game related at all. No one wanted to talk to him if they could help it. First time I met the guy, I genuinely felt bad for him. That was when I Started to talk to him and I even played him in a game once. I only ever played against him once. Orks versus Blood Ravens.  He brought tactical heavy marines and I brought boy heavy Orks. I don't mind that everything had a story or had some back ground in fluff. It really makes the game better sometimes. This guy used every once of fluff he had to whine about anything he could. 20 boys with nob with Power Klaw kill a 5 man tac squad on the charge and he would use tons of fluff to complain. Something went right for him and he would use tons of fluff to pat himself on the back. Things slowed down to such a crippling pace that I nearly lost my mind in a single game. He lost by quite a bit and the fluff never stopped. Any and all fun was dashed against the rocks in the name of fluff.

        Where does that leave the rest of us? That is what I want to spend the second half of this article talking about.  I feel we all drop into the realm of gamers and hobbyists. Very few people actually fall into the extreme categories of WAAC and FAAC. Often times these two groups clash over what they want out of Warhammer to a degree. Few people are pure hobbyists or pure gamers. I will use myself and a friend as an example of what the two sides want.
     This is me. I am a gamer. I play Warhammer because I love the game. It is a solid system, but more importantly, it is a fun system. I really enjoy playing. I have delved into the hobby side of things a few times and I enjoy it, but it isn't why I play. It is the biggest reason I don't play Warmachine and hordes is because there really is not much of a hobby side to it. I paint on rare occasion and I play more than I paint. I was most proud when I finished painting my first army. I didn't enjoy painting, but I was proud to do it.  I have to want to do hobby stuff or be inspired to do hobby stuff. I am always up for a game. I will try any type of game once. I will play against any person and any list at least once. Some of my best and most fun games have been against some of the toughest list and players out there. I have done some cheesy things, but I try to shy away from them as I want everyone to have fun. I only have a single themed army and it has taken me years to put together and it is my primary fantasy army.

     This is Bob. He is a hobbyist.  He does things with paint that are amazing. He has several painted armies and tons of highly detailed models. He also will play almost any one once , but he likes painting and the fluff almost as much as gaming.  He reads the books, buys the paint books, and generally knows a lot about all things Warhammer. His armies are almost all themed and while they play really well, theme is important. His NorlandEmpire army and Deathwing themed Dark Angels army are his pride and joy. They are both fun to play against and amazing to look at. He is a fun person to have no matter what you are playing.

     Neither of us are pure gamers or pure hobbyists. Few people are. Even less people are pure WAAC or FAAC. Next time you want to claim either, think about it before you say it.Trust me, you will know them when you see them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Themed Warhammer Fantasy army? Heresy! *Blam* (2000 points)

A good read so far

Today, I want to talk about my Vampire Counts Fantasy army.  It is a themed army. Everything is grave based. It is based of the Idea of the army from the book Dead Winter. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but I know the general idea of what was in the army. Pretty much, the army is made up of zombiefied people who have died from the black plague, a skaven born disease that killed pretty much everybody it could in an attempt to weaken the empire for a rumble from down under. Everything in the army has been modeled to use some aspect of some other army zombified in order to go more with the theme. I can tell you about it all day long, which some people have been hearing about it for years with little to no work done on the army.  Here is the end result.

2000 points!

No black nights, but I need a second group of Crypt Horrors

Lord & Heros!

The Trio
These guys are the trio. Lord choice is the very priest of morrish, Henrich Kemmler. Fluff wise, he will play the role of Fredrick Van Hal. This man was such a potent caster that he has his own spell caster. He has to be the Level 4 caster with lore master. Usually, these guys die like no ones bushiness.  Kemmler helps here in the fact that he is actually ethereal. Anyone who can kill him will murder him, but anyone who could kill him will murder Master Necromancer I care to use as a general. Hero choices are a pretty standard. The fighty character that goes with Kemmler at 2000 points is a Wight king. His gear is simple. Enchanted shield, sword of striking. Hits on a 3+ which is nasty with killing blow, has a 3+ save, is really at T5 with 3 wounds all for 105 points. I don't have a picture of him, but my old school Krell Model will work nicely for him. Now, for my extra caster I decided to do something nifty. The guy in purple is a level 2 necromancer with a dispel scroll or Book of Akhan with death magic. I love death magic. It has all the serious punch the guy needs. Debuffs work wonders or the casting that dreaded Purple Sun and go for the irresistible force. He is only level 2 so blowing him up isn't to bad. I have blasted purple sun through my own zombies (mulching the unit) to net me tons of power dice. The choice between dispel scroll and book are simple. A magic heavy opponent can have a whole magic phase shut down if you dispel scroll at a good time. If the opponent isn't magic heavy, the book casts Fredrick Van Hals signature spell Vanhal's Danse Macrabe as a bound spell. Great Surprise from the death wizard. It moves anyone 8 inches and allows them to reroll to hit until their next phase. This makes even the skeletons nasty.

Core! (and the problem)
The three groups in front.
  Three groups of 30 skeletons with spears, shields, light armor, standard and champion. They don't look like it, but that is how I want to run them. Everyone hates playing against zombies because they don't do anything and just bog everything down. I hate them. Opponents hate them. Bad choice all around. It is bad enough that I don't want to run them. I could run crypt ghouls, but at 10 points a piece and no way to raise past starting value, they really degrade the horde feel of the army. I have goblins that are wysiwyg with spears and shields and light armor, but they just feel out of place as skeletons. I want to use these guys to represent core because they feel better for the role. The build allows for an avalanche feel. Tons of attacks from everyone. The armor adds to toughness of the core section.  Fluff wise, these guys are basic plague zombies. They are numerous, tough, and ferocious. Skeletons work better for that than the other 2 core choices. Zombies are stupid. They just derp across the battle field and bang their foreheads into people until they are dead. Ghouls are great, but they cost such an incredible amount that they can't really be horded. A good horde unit will take up your entire core section quickly. Also, on the subject of raising more, here is more.
Here is an extra 50 guys for summoning fun.


2x 6 Crypt Horrors
 These guys are nasty. 6 guys that all have toughness 5, 3 attacks with poison, 3 wounds, stomp, movement 6 and a 5+ regeneration. That is 18 attacks and a wall of flesh to stay in combat. They will put the hurt on people and all for the low cost of 200 something points. They are good, but with magical support, they are beasts. They will hurt anything with their poison and will survive most hits back. Also, they are fast enough to be important. I could run them as verghiest, but glass cannon<Hammerish anvil.


The start of this section is the dreaded Terrogheist. This guy has the scream from hell. He hunts monsters and war machines. High toughness doesn't matter as it is wounds+2d6 against an opponents leadership with no armor save. Often , this will put things like war machines and monsters on their asses fast. A double 6 often sees any monster dead as 8 wounds minimum is tough to save though as often the only save will be regeneration. Kills heavy cavalry dead. He isn't a slouch in combat either. 4 attacks isn't all that good, but d6 thunder stomps and a flank charge with a few extra things can be good. He flies... Jumping spiders I guess....
Mortis Engine!
This is my favorite model I have ever owned. It is the original Black coach model. I love this chariot, but I really want something more fitting in theme. I am running it as a mortis engine with a black tome. This adds +2 to cast my spells, +1 to any regeneration save I have or gives a 6+ regeneration to anyone within 2d6+the number of turns if it is friendly and does d6 hits with strength equal to the number of turns and has a banshee's scream. What all does that mean? It means that my skeletons will have a 6+ regeneration save after a 5+ armor save, my crypt horrors will have a 4+ regeneration save and my general will actually have a save past being ethereal. This really helps with the army's lack of survivability. They are both chariots so it is ok.


Hopefully, this list will be fun and fluffy.  The list is tough, but not double terrorghiest/graveguard spam tough. It is based almost entirely on the idea of fluff. I am actually quite proud of it. Magically, it is as caster as vampire count lists often get. +6 to cast and knowing every spell in the army is great for the feel of Fredrick Van Hal I will begin painting it soon. The scheme is black and brown for the common zombies while Fredrick will get painted like a Priest of Morr/Amethyst wizard.  Tell me what you guys think.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Here is one of my Bruiser Buses of crypt horrors and a monster I have been working on.

Here is what I have been working on as of late. Every model has a story

The Thumper

The Terroghiest.
I don't like the Terrorgheist model. I got this one to use as one instead. 

The Jowls

Mr. Fisty Cuffs

"Pillow" hands
 This guy is one of my favorites. He has live goblins for hands.
Here is the bus in all its glory. This is a single squad with the two additional guys from earlier in the blog. 

This is just a little bit. All I need is another box of ogres for my second squad and that should be all I need for my 2400 point Full Themed army that is pretty fluffy and decently good. Tons of tough units and even a few hammer units. I just really hope people want to start playing fantasy as it is a really great game. Imagine all the fun parts of warhammer 40k with less importants on shooting, more importants on combat, suitable psyker(magic) defense for everyone even without anything psyker, and almost no annoying And They Shall Know No Fear!.